Our aim is for all our projects and services to be sustainable, with local involvement and ownership. We work in partnership with carefully selected Indian organisations to ensure the operational success of our projects. Our expert partners consult with community members and potential beneficiary groups to identify needs. Together we design evidence-based projects and services which will have a long-term beneficial impact.


    We invest in our key implementation partners. We work with other expert organisations in India to develop project team members' skills and knowledge.

    Secondary school students sitting in a learning circle outdoors.


    Kshamtalaya is an Indian non-profit organisation founded to support school children in disadvantaged settings so that they can realise their true potential and develop into socially and economically active young adults. We have partnered with them and Jatan Sansthan to create a programme designed to improve the quality of education provided by two secondary schools as well as managing the Community Health Programme. Kshamtalaya is the operational partner for this work.

    A queue of people waiting to be seen by the mobile clinic, parked on a dusty road.


    The Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC), based in Mount Abu, provides a bi-monthly mobile clinic service, which ensures regular free access to professional healthcare and advice for Bakhel community members.

    A group of students learning geometry in a maths lesson, sitting on the floor around a diganth facilitator using a large compass.


    Jatan Sansthan is a grassroots not-for-profit organization working with rural and resource poor communities in the state of Rajasthan, India. Educate for Life partners with Jatan Sansthan to implement Project Diganth and the Community Health Programme. Project Diganth is strengthening educational provision at two senior secondary schools in Southern Rajasthan. The Community Health Programme provides antenatal and postnatal care within the project area. These activities are run with the operational support of Kshamtalaya Foundation.