Exposure trips

Learning first-hand through PBSA

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Every year classes at Hunar Ghar undergo PBSA – Project Based Summative Assessment to learn through observation and interaction outside the school. The students pick up a topic in consultation with their class teachers and then plan and execute a visit themselves. This year class 4, 6 and 7 visited Primary Health Centre, Mandwa, Forest Deptt office, Kukawas and Post Office at Mandwa respectively for their PBSA. Here’s a brief overview of their experience…

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Capacity development of teachers at Hunar Ghar

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As Educate for Life transitions towards greater systematisation at every level, continuous capacity building of teachers remains a priority. One of the ways through which we aim to achieve this is through interactions and knowledge sharing with external experts. The visit by Amrita nair and Mayuri Golambde from Apni Shala, a Mumbai-based organisation that helps teachers integrate life-skills in every classroom, was one such step in this direction. In order to assess the needs of teachers, Amrita and Mayuri not only had classroom observations but also one to one discussions with them as seen in the picture above. Hunar Ghar principal Chandrakant Sharma shares his thoughts on the ongoing engagement with Apni Shala.

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Student Exposure Trips to Learn From the Community

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On a sunny morning the 28 March teachers Shantilal and Prakash took students of standard 4 and 6 on an educational exposure trip, while students in other classes peeped through their windows in envy – learning under the deep blue sky and open fields is always an alluring prospect. Fortunately these other children needn’t be envious for long – every class in Hunar Ghar goes on a exposure trip every month. It is striking how quickly a child’s engagement with the syllabus changes when they know they are going on a exposure trip – an effect we appreciate: making memorable experiences where the children are engrossed in the lesson and learning. Read More