Child Learning Demonstration Days

Child Learning Demonstration Day at Hunar Ghar

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At Educate for Life, we believe that community members are an important part of school accountability system and should be able to provide their insight and advice on how to improve the school. Child Learning Demonstration Days at Hunar Ghar are one of the key processes that enable this as explained in detail in our Teacher’s Handbook. These are monthly events where children demonstrate what they have learnt in their classrooms in front of the whole community. Our Fundraising and Communications officer Shwetambera writes about her experience of attending the Child Learning Demonstration event conducted in October before Diwali holidays in school.

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Working Towards Widespread Impact

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This month Sukanya Purkayastha, our International Operations Manager, made her first visit to Hunar Ghar. She spent three weeks working closely with the education team. She is helping develop manuals that will help support teachers in rural schools achieve great learning outcomes. As well as improving learning at Hunar Ghar, we’ll use these manuals to support  four local government schools from next July. This is the first step in embedding our successful approaches in the public system, to achieve widespread and sustainable change. Sukanya shares her experiences at Hunar Ghar in this blog… Read More