Educate for Life is a UK registered charity. Our aim is to support community-led, long-term socio-economic transformation of indigenous Adivasi communities in Southern Rajasthan.


    We have two main areas of work:

    1) strengthening the provision of education to improve life skills for children and young people

    2) providing community health programmes to support healthy pregnancies and childhoods.


    Educate for Life works in partnership with local organisations in rural India to achieve this. 



    We are extremely thankful to our supporters, which include individual donors and trusts and foundations. You make all that we do possible. It is a privilege to share details of our projects and their impact with you.


    Your collective support has helped under-served rural communities to access education and healthcare services. Your help ensures that children growing up in these communities have happier and healthier childhoods and can reach their full potential in life.




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