A New Chapter for Hunar Ghar

Since the inception of Hunar Ghar, Educate for Life has worked in close partnership with Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti (RBKS), a grassroots India registered NGO, which has worked extensively in the fields of education and community development across Rajasthan since it was founded in 1981. It has been a privilege to serve the Bakhel community together over the past ten years. During this time, Educate for Life has played an active role in the development and management of all the services provided at and through Hunar Ghar. This has been possible due to the outstanding commitment and inspirational vision of our two founders, Ed Forrest and Akshay Patel, and the generosity of our supporters and their belief in what Hunar Ghar can achieve.

Ed has decided to step down from his role as CEO and is now an honorary life patron of Educate for Life. This change presented us with an opportunity to explore ways in which we can progress and sustain our organisational vision to enable children growing up in Bakhel to access reliable education and healthcare.

We are delighted that our long-term partner, RBKS, would like to build on its commitment to Hunar Ghar and take on further responsibility to ensure that it is a high quality rural school, which also acts as a hub for community development work in Bakhel. While RBKS will focus on the provision of quality education through Hunar Ghar, we will continue to be responsible for the delivery of our healthcare programmes. 

We will support RBKS to take on increasing responsibility for Hunar Ghar, and to use its expertise to develop the project to ensure its sustainability and value to all members of the Bakhel community. We will continue to raise funds for Hunar Ghar to support the project running costs. However, over the next year, RBKS will explore funding partnerships within India, including with the Government of India, paving the way to true independence and sustainability.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this new chapter in the story of Hunar Ghar. Thank you for your support of our vision to transform the experiences and futures of children growing up in Bakhel. Together, we will ensure that they enjoy happy, healthy childhoods and grow up with opportunities and choices available as a result of time spent at Hunar Ghar.