Annual Health Screening at Hunar Ghar

By December 11, 2017Health
Annual health screening at Hunar Ghar

Hunar Ghar is set in a geographically isolated location of Southern Rajasthan. In the marginalized community of Bakhel people live in incredibly deprived and challenging conditions with very poor access to government health services. Educate for Life has transformed the community’s access to reliable and professional healthcare by arranging bi-monthly Mobile health clinic visit, regular Eye-camps & Dental camps and an Annual health screening. The Annual health screening this year was held on Dec 8th and 9th to assess the general health and nutrition for 427 pupils at Hunar Ghar. Our Administrative Manager Kanan shares a detailed report..

Health Screening was conducted at Hunar Ghar in collaboration with Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur. A team of 8 doctors led by Dr. Sareen conducted the health consultation for the students. A total of 427 children underwent the screening over two days. The pre-assessment for each child was done by health team collecting data such as, medical history, assessment of age-appropriate milestones, speech and motor development assessment etc.. Each child also went through a personal hygiene test which includes a check of hair, nails, teeth, dress, footwear and skin. With inadequate medical facilities in the area and limited intervention by parents, the health checks support children to develop health habits.

After the health consultation 9 children were referred to a City Hospital in Udaipur for further treatment. The health team supports children for further treatment and usually a team member accompanies them to the city hospital for treatment if parents are unable to so. A total of 70 pupils were absent and hence could not undergo the screening. With the half-yearly exam underway, a screening is to be organized on 18th or 22nd Dec for them. During examinations, presence of children is high which will help us in completing the screening for all children.