Eye camp at Hunar Ghar

By November 1, 2017Community, Health, India
eye check up

An eye camp for the students at Hunar Ghar and the community in and around Bakhel was organised on October 4th in collaboration with Global Hospitaland Research Centre, Mount Abu. Hunar Ghar acts a community hub for undertaking health initiatives to the remote area of Bakhel panchyat.  The eye camp is our one such initiative to secure a good eye health for our students/community and also diagnose serious issues in their primitive stages. Our health and community manager, Madhusudan Singh shares his experience..

A team of 15 members came for the eye camp including 2 doctors, 8 technicians. they had set up temporary clinics in three classrooms and screened the students, total 383 in number, by a very thorough visibility test. 6 students were referred to a specialist for a detailed examination. Students from neighbouring schools also came in to get the check up done.
80 community members benefited from the eye camp and got their eyes checked. 5 were suggested to undergo a cataract operation and were referred to respective doctor. A subsequent surgery was performed successfully at GHRC the next day, free of cost. Our community health worker, Vishnu Priya visited the patients to check on their well being.
The event was well-organized and our health team, Shobhag and Vishnu Priya were instrumental in its success. Another camp is slated to be organised in December this year.

Bakhel is an administrative region with limited access to reliable healthcare. Officially classified as ‘tribal’ by the government, the community of 367 households (2,088 individuals) has not benefited from rapid developments happening elsewhere in India. There is very limited infrastructure in place. Families survive through subsistence farming, with 98% of them living below the poverty-line.

Hunar Ghar’s health programs like the Bi-annual Eye Camp ensure community has access to reliable, professional and free healthcare.