Rural Changemaker joins Hunar Ghar team

By August 1, 2017India, school news

People working at Hunar Ghar have been key to the change that has come over the past 10 years in the remote marginalised village of Bakhel. They are also pivotal to the transformation we envision in similar settings across India. Rahul Dubey, a young and dynamic development professional, joined the Hunar Ghar team recently as Rural Changemaker and will be contributing to the ongoing initiatives. He will also be spearheading some new projects he has been passionate to work on, such as creating a bal panchayat – children’s local self-government body – that will work on real issues in and outside Hunar Ghar and setting up a really strong internship and volunteer programme at Hunar Ghar. In this blog Rahul talks in detail about what motivated him to join Hunar Ghar and what his plans are for his role at Hunar Ghar…

Hello everyone. My name is Rahul Dubey and I joined the team at Hunar Ghar on 17th July, 2017. I have an experience of 5 years in the development sector working with youth, women and children for their empowerment and capacity building. I have worked as Program Director in my last organization where I managed the whole team, supervised the projects and looked after recruitment of volunteers from around the globe. I have worked on the issues of youth development, education, gender based violence and peace and conflict resolution providing facilitation and mentoring at regular intervals to the staff members of the organization. I have also conceptualized the idea of constructing a green school for my last organization using locally available materials and tapping local resources aiming to build a creative and innovative learning model where community children experience the real essence of education and enjoy the learning.

Having worked on such a model of school, I was keen to learn more about how the vision can be implemented and achieved. This enticed me towards Hunar Ghar, where I could see this vision being translated to reality.

Hunar Ghar is a beautifully constructed school nested perfectly within the natural beauty of the area. It is catering to needs of the most marginalized children in the challenging area of Kotra block which is home for Adivasi communities. There are many good practices already taking place in the school. I have taken up the responsibility of making learning more creative, student friendly, practical and catering the needs of children. I would also look after capacity building and training of the teachers which would act as a catalyst in achieving the vision of Hunar Ghar. Engaging the community with the school by forming meaningful relationships with them, apprising them about the concept of Hunar Ghar and ensuring that each and every child gets the education is another responsibility given to me. I am also looking after the partnerships to promote and foster the growth of the school.

Though I have worked with adivasi communities in past, it is still a little challenging here as people from the Adivasi community like to live among themselves and have their own ways. Accepting an outsider is always daunting for them. Since the team of Hunar Ghar is diverse, uniting people of different backgrounds and reaching on a common page is another challenge. I wish I will be able to overcome the challenges as soon as possible with my perseverance and dedication towards doing my bit to make this world a better place.


  • Jai Singh Jag says:

    We are very happy to associated with Rahul.He is a very hard worker and cooperative with all team members. He has a deep understanding of social and educational issues.His behavior is friendly with children. He is taking very interest in practicing rural development related work.We hope Rahul will success for the work of social change .Weall team will support him.Best of luck.