Crowdfunder 2015 classrooms in action

In 2015, we ran a crowdfunder in which people from five continents came together to raise £10,000. This was used to build two new classrooms at Hunar Ghar. The construction of these classrooms took a longer time than expected to complete. There were several odds presented before us in this extremely resource poor remote village of Rajasthan. However, we kept on learning from all the challenges we encountered, and the new classrooms are now fully constructed and furnished and are being fully used as fun-filled and vibrant learning spaces.

Each year more we are enroling more children at Hunar Ghar in line with our aim tp provide all school age children in the community with a school place. Our enrolment last year reached an all-time high, with more than 400 children aged between 3-14 years enrolled at Hunar Ghar. Each of these new classrooms, funded by our 2015 crowdfunder, have enabled us to accommodate an average of 25 of our new learners.

The classrooms, for the first time, have white boards, attendance trees, star awards and reams of alphabet bunting made by our dedicated teachers.  Such good school infrastructure has never even been imagined for a marginalised rural community like Bakhel.  There is a sense of pride, excitement and enthusiasm among our pupils, our teachers and community members that this is their school.

Moreover, these classrooms have a lifetime of at least 50 years, which means that hundreds of children in the region will benefit from them. All these children will develop a range of academic and life skills. They will also receive two nutritious meals each day, all their childhood vaccinations and regular health checks. They will also have a whole lot of fun.

We thank everyone who made this crowdfunder successful. Thanks to you more children like Asha and Amisha, are on a learning journey where they will be able to author a future for themselves that is not scarred by child labour, discrimination and debilitating poverty.

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