What can we learn from a visit to the sweet shop?

By December 12, 2014Education, India

A sweet shop may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the end of semester assessment, but that’s exactly where the Hunar Ghar class 5 students went in November for their ‘exams’.

At Hunar Ghar we’ve created something called Project-Based Assessment. Rather than simply putting our children in silent and intimidating exam conditions, we create projects for the children to engage in so they don’t even know they are being assessed.

To complete the project, the students need to combine knowledge with specific academic skills, team work, problem solving, confidence, communication, planning and task management. It is a rich way of interacting, and as it all happens in the local town, it is a far more real, accurate, and exciting indication of how they are doing at school, something that exams simply don’t show. To carry out the assessment the teachers hover near by with observation sheets, and the children have to fill in papers as they go to document their project progress.

As our principal Chandrakant puts it:

I can say that this is interesting and fun learning for the children. This is some what different learning process for students and different teaching process for teacher. Out side Hunar Ghar they learn within community where they are living. This project based summative assessment gives them platform to demonstrate their skills like presentation, communication, research skill. Let we see class wise summative assessment.

Our 5th standard student learning topic was on purchasing. They make a planning sheet before purchasing sweet and vegetable. They discuss with other teachers and their mentor Bhuvnesh about purchasing process. Bhuvnesh who is already in charge of Hunar Ghar lunch food purchasing he describe all process very well. After that they plan what need, how much money they require, and how can purchase all material. Our school children Dinesh Kumar very excited and he has lots of question regarding this and our school teacher Bhuvnesh and Gopal gave all answer which they have. Gopal asked students about their favourite sweet, some student like RASGULLA other like BARFI, JALEBI they give different- different answer, Really every student enjoy this type work because they build their communication, research, and presentation skill.

Class 7

Hunar Ghar children talking to post master in Mandwa

The class 7 students went to local Post Office in Mandwa. It’s 2 km from our school. Before going to Mandwa class 7 students divided into two groups under Deepak and Ajit Sangia’s mentoring. After receiving the task each group went to the Post Office to buy postcards. First they understand terms and concept of Post Office. After that they discuss with post master how to write letters and how to send them. It seems easy to us, but these children have never had the opportunity to send or receive a letter before. Each and every student gets the chance to communicate with post master and asked more and more questions for better understanding. Mr. Mahesh is post master of Mandwa post office. The excitement, enthusiasm of learning something new and enjoyment on students face was really making my day happy. They excited on writing post card to our programme manager Kanan Silvera and send this by post to her. So through this filed learning gave student practical learning experience which they will never forget in life.

Class 4

4th class student went to Mandva Primary Health Centre (PHC), it is 5 km far from school. They also planned their activity and they have lots of question related cold weather. They gather knowledge about how to protect self from cold weather and how to be safe from disease. Class 4th student went with our three teacher Shanti Lal, Prakash Chand, and Bhuvnesh Kumar, before PHC visit we discuss with Dr.Yogesh what time they suggest for our teacher. PHC doctor also excited discuss with our school children and he gave all answer related cold weather. We enjoy this day with our student because they learn more out of Hunar Ghar with fun.