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Over the past few years we have had some fantastic interns at Hunar Ghar- from the early days when Rob applied his carpentry skills to help build the first rooms of the school, to becky’s fantastic work with the children and more recently Teddy (an architect that has defined the physical space of Hunar Ghar) and Neha who has started some incredible work with women’s health groups in the village.

Each of these interns has brought something new and valuable to the project but also, I hope, left with an experience that has re-shaped the way they think about education and development.

To date we have been relying on these fantastic people to just come across Educate for Life and Hunar Ghar; which has had its benefits, but also meant we are less accessible than we might be.

Over recent weeks, Ed and I have been working to open up the process of interning with us. Based on our previous experience and understanding of the needs of Hunar Ghar and of interns, we have started compiling some intern packs that pad out the different opportunities available to have a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience working with us and the community.

We;re hoping that in the next couple of weeks we will have some totally revamped intern pages that will get people excited about working with us and engaging with Hunar Ghar and the community in the future.

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  • Michael Blake says:

    This is am amazing achievement and a very positive and inspiring story of how people with vision and determination can make a huge difference. Congratulations.
    My partner & I will be visiting Rajhasthan in Nov/Dec/Jan and wonder if there is anything we can do to help. We would love to visit the village/project and help out if possible and stay with a local family.
    If this is possible please contact us and we can take it from there.
    Kind Regards
    p.s I was born and brought up in India and lived in Jodhpur as a child for a few years.