What Does High Quality Education in Rural India Look Like?

We’re a UK-registered charity working to find out.

We explore this question through research and action at their innovative school ‘Hunar Ghar’, which has been closely working with a Rajasthani tribal community since 2006.

Hunar Ghar provides quality education and a nurturing environment for free to 194 children. There is a twice monthly health clinic, personal one-on-one support to every pregnant woman in the village, and many other activities. Next year will see Hunar Ghar partnering with 5 local government schools to provide quality education to neighbouring communities as well.

Hunar Ghar is an experimental space where partnership with the community and child consultation help to create a loving and vibrant space that is re-thinking what a village school should look like. Interested? Read on then get involved or become an enabler.

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Homali devi

Mobile Clinic + Hunar Ghar = Complete Community Healthcare

For all those who been following progress about the mobile clinic and Hunar Ghar healthcare reading this can be exciting. In February we had an annual review meeting with Global Hospital’s mobile clinic team. The meeting was really fruitful and we identified several areas which needed immediate attention from both side. In the upcoming months […]

Hunar Ghar Exposure Trip

Student Exposure Trips to Learn From the Community

On a sunny morning the 28 March teachers Shantilal and Prakash took students of standard 4 and 6 on an educational exposure trip, while students in other classes peeped through their windows in envy – learning under the deep blue sky and open fields is always an alluring prospect. Fortunately these other children needn’t be […]

Musical theme composition with Hunar Ghar children

शिक्षा और सामाजिक विकास के क्षेत्र में 2008 से कार्यरत एक संस्था हुनर घर जिसके अथक संघर्ष ओर समर्पण से शुरू हुर्इ कहानी आज अपने आप में व्यापक जनभागिता वाले सामुदायिक प्रयास में बदल चुकी है। सदीयो से अशिक्षा ओर अज्ञानता के अंधकार में जी रहे अरावली पर्वत माला के दुर्गम और दूर दराज के […]


Personal Home Visits During Pregnancy Help Bakhel Women Feel More Supported

Every pregnant woman hopes for an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby. However every minute of every day somewhere in the world, and most often in a developing country, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. Many women have difficulty accessing quality health care due to poverty, distance, lack of information, inadequate […]