Providing Primary Education

Students enrolled
Nutritious daily meals prepared and served
A/B grades being achieved in compulsory exams
Onward enrolment in secondary school

We ensure provision of holistic education to first generation learners through Hunar Ghar primary school. The learning environment is welcoming, inspiring and nurturing. Daily attendance is high. There is a big emphasis on the importance of building foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. Teaching is tailored to children’s needs, with extra study classes to help students who are struggling.

Library & Digital Learning

We have created a print-rich school environment and opened a school library. The library provides children with access to a range of reading materials in Hindi and in English. All classes have regular reading sessions with our reading specialist. The children enjoy the opportunity to hear stories and to develop their own reading skills. The children don’t have books at home and take great pleasure in exploring the books in the library.

We are also introducing digital learning materials as new learning resources, to make classroom learning even more interactive while developing children’s awareness of technology and broadening their horizons.


A dedicated sports teacher at Hunar Ghar provides regular PE lessons to all classes. Sports activities help children develop their confidence, perseverance and teamwork skills while having fun. Every year, Hunar Ghar hosts an inter-school sports event, inviting other schools in the area to take part in games and races. Over 1,000 participants and spectators attend this annual event!

Children Parliament election

Children’s Parliament/Bal Sansad

A children’s parliament has been set up to create awareness of democratic principles and to show how individuals can have influence and seek change. Children participate in a range of discussions about child rights, gender equality, social justice and child marriage.

Health Monitoring & School Meals

Our team has been trained to keep an eye on students’ health. We monitor students’ growth and development, ensure they are up to date with all their vaccines and make sure each student has an annual health check by a paediatrician. An annual eye camp and an annual dental camp also take place at the school.

All students receive two nutritious meals each day, breakfast and lunch, as well as iron and folic acid supplements, vital as we tackle high child malnutrition in Bakhel – over 60% of children in the community are malnourished.

Teacher Training

The dedicated Hunar Ghar teaching team benefits from regular training and professional development opportunities. A teacher’s handbook serves as an invaluable guide for structuring lessons, promoting child learning and increasing community participation. Teachers are encouraged to plan engaging and interactive lessons which take place out in the community as well as in the classroom. This enables them to involve community members in children’s learning and to celebrate and value local knowledge and culture. It also ensures that topics covered in the classroom are meaningful and contextual for Hunar Ghar students.

Teachers of our very youngest children follow guidelines set out in our balwadi (pre-school) social vision, to prepare children practically, emotionally and mentally for coming to school.

Onward Education

Student exam outcomes are very positive and are not just in line with, they are surpassing, academic outcomes at other rural schools. We see continuation of education as a critical measure of success and have a high annual re-enrolment rate at Hunar Ghar.

We help older students to think about their futures and the choices they might make. We provide them with information about different employment opportunities and the qualifications they might need to achieve their goals.

Nearly all Hunar Ghar graduates go on to continue their studies at secondary school. Our team supports them to make choices about where to study and provides ongoing mentorship and support when they leave Hunar Ghar. These children are true pioneers for their community.