Supporting Secondary School Students

Secondary schools
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Community Learning festivals each year

Across India, the national standard of rural secondary education provision is low. Although most 14 – 18 year olds are in the formal education system, many are not even acquiring foundational skills like reading and basic arithmetic. Learning deficits are observed across all grades and accumulate with each grade (2017 Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Beyond Basics). There is no mechanism within the school system to effectively address the needs of children who have fallen behind. Children from illiterate households are further disadvantaged as they cannot receive any support from home.

In Kotra, the administrative area where Bakhel is located, students’ attendance at local secondary schools is poor and their academic outcomes and achievements are low. In one school, no final year students passed their compulsory final exams in 2018, meaning that the students have no qualifications to show for their time in school. As a result, many students fail to complete their secondary education and most have little aspiration for their futures.

We work with a local partner, Kshamtalaya, to implement a carefully designed programme of support for Jhed Senior Secondary School and Mandwa Senior Secondary School, both government secondary schools situated near Hunar Ghar School, in Kotra. The aim is to support each school’s students, teachers and local community.

In the long-term, we aim to see a significant increase in the proportion of young adults from the area in tertiary education or gainful employment.

Additional teachers, recruited by Kshamtalaya, are placed in both schools to bridge teaching gaps and strengthen educational provision and leadership in each school. Known as Fellows, these additional teachers are young, qualified individuals, who are committed to improving education and outcomes for young people growing up in challenging circumstances.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are approximately 150 male and female students aged 13-16, who are enrolled at Mandwa and Jhed Schools. Secondary beneficiaries include all students at each school (400 children enrolled at Mandwa and 197 children enrolled at Jhed in 2018/19), the teachers at each school (18 teachers),  and all school stakeholders including parents and community members.

Classroom Support

Fellows provide much needed classroom support. They teach on a daily basis, focusing on building foundational understanding in four core subjects: Mathematics, Language, Social Studies and Science. Additional early morning sessions and after school support are offered to students as needed. The Fellows work on: vision building for students; enhancing students’ learning abilities; improving students’ communication skills and nurturing students’ talents and interests.

Teacher Development

Fellows work closely with teachers at the schools to build their capacity and vision for their schools and students. They co-create lesson plans and teaching/learning resources with school teaching staff. They encourage teachers to participate in training workshops run by Kshamtalaya.

Teacher workshop

Community Engagement

Fellows engage with the community local to the school, visiting families of students on a regular basis, with the aim of increasing parents’ understanding of their child’s learning and progress and the value of their education. Fellows support each school to have greater parental engagement.

Learning Festivals

Fellows arrange bi-annual multi-day Learning Festivals, which provide opportunities to engage with community members and for children to develop new skills and to share their learning with their parents and other community members. These Festivals enable the school communities to identify things they would like to improve and then to work together to make changes and improvements.