Hunar Ghar - Community Health Outreach Work

Women supported each year through their pregnancies
Pre-school age children supported through Safe Childhood Programme
Reduction in under-five mortality rate since 2013
People each year benefitting from regular mobile clinic visits

We have designed and introduced a number of health services and interventions to ensure that members of the Bakhel community access professional and reliable healthcare from pregnancy and birth into, and throughout, adulthood. Hunar Ghar acts as a hub for all these services and our health and community team members are vital to connecting community members with formal healthcare provision as well as providing informal advice and support. 

Safe Motherhood Programme

We want to give every child born in Bakhel the best possible start in life. In 2013, we carried out a detailed assessment of access to pregnancy and delivery services in Bakhel. We found that three quarters of all pregnant women had no antenatal checks prior to delivery and nearly two thirds were delivering their babies without the presence of a skilled attendant. We have since designed and introduced interventions to support pregnant women and new mothers and we use pregnancy as a way of connecting women to formal health care.

Over 350 women have been supported through their pregnancies through our Safe Motherhood Programme. Our team provides counselling on nutrition and healthy behaviours during pregnancy and ensures that pregnant women receive antenatal checks, supplements and vaccinations. Nearly three quarters of women are choosing to deliver their babies with a skilled attendant present.

Safe Childhood Programme

We have introduced a complementary Safe Childhood Programme to continue the provision of advice and support to mothers until their children reach school age. This programme follows research into early childhood development and predominant care-giving practices in Bakhel.

Our Safe Childhood Programme aims to ensure that pre-school children have better health by improving their access to vaccinations, monitoring their growth, helping parents to recognise illness and encouraging them to seek help appropriately. We support about 300 pre-school children each year.


Mobile Clinic Visits

We provide a free mobile clinic service in partnership with the Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC). There is usually a female doctor present as part of the team. Prior to each visit, our health and community team go out and about visiting households to inform them that the clinic will be visiting and to encourage people to attend if they have health concerns for themselves or a family member.

Health records are maintained for all those who attend the clinic and free medication is dispensed if appropriate. Where follow up referrals to local hospitals are necessary, our team arranges the appointment and transport, and accompanies individuals and families to make sure they understand their treatment options.

In addition to these mobile clinic visits, an annual eye camp and an annual dental camp are organised for all Hunar Ghar students and community members to ensure early diagnosis of any problems.

Women’s Self-Help Groups

We have established three women’s Self-Help Groups in Bakhel to increase the role played by women in the community. Meetings take place on a regular basis and are facilitated by our health and community team members. The meetings enable women to develop friendships and to discuss issues of mutual concern including water-borne diseases, hygiene, sanitation and pregnancy. Our team supports the groups to save money together, managing the paperwork necessary for them to have bank accounts. The groups’ savings mean that there is some financial protection in place for women in the event of unexpected health costs or a crop failure.