We provide primary education


We offer extra-curricular activities


We tackle malnutrition


We give health advice and guidance


We provide a mobile clinic service


We improve local secondary education

What We Do

Educate for Life works to ensure integrated provision of education, healthcare and community development services in Bakhel, an extremely deprived and remote rural community in Rajasthan in India. Our aim is to enable socio-economic transformation in Bakhel and the surrounding area. Educate for Life works in partnership with local organisations, providing a range of services to our beneficiaries. 

Hunar Ghar – Providing Primary Education

In 2007, we built and established Hunar Ghar School. We work closely with our local operational partner Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti (RBKS) to provide an inclusive and holistic education for over 400 children aged between four and fourteen through Hunar Ghar. Most of these children are the first in their families to attend school. Our approach at Hunar Ghar ensures that all students are supported to learn and develop a range of academic and life skills which will enable them to make choices about their futures. 

We believe that good health and good learning go hand in hand. Our team has been trained to keep an eye on students’ health. We monitor their growth and development, ensure they are up to date with all their vaccines and make sure each student has an annual health check by a paediatrician. An annual eye camp and an annual dental camp also take place at the school. There are high levels of malnutrition in Bakhel. To tackle this, all students receive two nutritious meals a day, breakfast and lunch.

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Hunar Ghar - Community Health Outreach Work

Hunar Ghar acts as a hub for a community health outreach services. There is very limited health infrastructure near Bakhel. Coupled with this, community members have low awareness of their health entitlements and often seek health advice from unqualified individuals. This can lead to the worsening of an undiagnosed condition and further ill health. 

We have a small health and community team, including a member of the local community, which has built strong relationships with Bakhel community members. This has led to changes in the health seeking behaviours and practices of the community, including a significant increase in community members choosing to access professional healthcare.

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Improving Secondary Education

The quality of local secondary school provision in the vicinity of Hunar Ghar is very poor.  As a result, most Hunar Ghar graduates go on to attend residential hostel schools located further away from Bakhel and their families. We have partnered with Indian NGO Kshamtalaya to improve the quality of local secondary education provision. Kshamtalaya is working closely with two secondary schools to improve enrolment, attendance and academic outcomes. 

In years to come, we aim for these schools to be places which provide high quality learning opportunities for Hunar Ghar graduates and other secondary school age children growing up in the area so that they complete their secondary education and gain qualifications and skills to transition to life beyond secondary school.

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