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Women at Hunar Ghar: Challenging multiple stereotypes

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The team at Hunar Ghar consists of people who not only work in extremely challenging situations, but also act as inspiring changemakers working towards creating a lasting transformation in a remote rural area. These changemakers, not least the women who teach at Hunar Ghar, who carry out our health and community work, and who manage administration matters, are not only breaking gender stereotypes but also playing a pivotal role in dispelling the myths around adivasi communities that leads to untold discrimination and marginalisation.

It has been almost 8 months since Imrana, our Administrative Manager joined the team. She has been a key member of our team offering help and support to the health, education and construction teams, looking after administration of offices and taking care of interns, guests and team members. In this blog she talks about her work and her experiences at Hunar Ghar.

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Solar cookers and women’s groups

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So Teddy’s been making steady progress this week with the solar cookers. For those interested there are updated plans and sections here and here. Here’s a quick view of the site too:

[singlepic id=630 w=620 h=480 float=center]

Plans of solar kitchen placement

It’s not only Teddy that’s been having a good week. Yesterday Neha, Vishnu Priya and Shantilal went with 19 women from the village – as many people as can be crammed into a jeep! – to visit a Self Help Group in a nearby village. I’ve not spoken to Neha yet, but I gather that they met two women there who talked for a long time about their experiences with the SHG, and it really helped some of the women finally GET what these woman’s groups are about, or can be. Hopefully we’ll see this convert into higher motivation, or interest, or movement within the women’s groups.

Not all the women were interested in what these other women had to say – a few of the younger women from Bakhel were pretty bored, which leads Neha to think that perhaps splitting the group into two by age may be a good idea. In any case, there was lots of information and opinion flowing, it was great for our group to go on a bit of a team trip and I’m sure it will have given lots of food for thought.