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Another year another budget

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It being the first of April, we’ve just submitted our budget for the year to RBKS. Along with the usual 10% increase in the salary of all staff, and an increase in other areas to account for another 30 children who will join us, there are a few other interesting things budgeted for as well…

this year we’ve factored in for a well, solar cookers and solar panels. This means that in 12 months we should be water and energy independent. It’s a pretty major step and allows us to do a lot more with the children, such as more farming and having access to the wealth of information that is the internet.

It’s also interesting to note what isn’t accounted for. This includes lots of work that we hope to do with the community this year. It’s not budgeted for as we hope that it will all be taken care of by Hao Banao, a community organisation started by Hunar Ghar coordinators Deepak and Gopal. This would also be a major step in the quality democratisation of  control of works done at and by Hunar Ghar.

In all, the budget is around £ 30,000 this year, not a huge amount but also a lot more than the £ 5000 that we spent the first year. We think that it’s work every penny of the approximate £ 200 investment per person per year (children and teachers alike) when we see the fantastic things they are doing with their lives as a consequence of it.

You can download a pdf of our budget here: EFL Hunar Ghar Budget 2012 2013

New video

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It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, but you just never knew it: a montage of clips from Hunar Ghar, all taken over the course of 24 hours at the end of January, set to the Rolling Stones. I could talk it up a bit, try and explain it a bit, try and justify it a bit but why bother, you might as well just watch it: