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Hunar Ghar: A school that’s worth the walk

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Raju currently studies in Class 7 at Hunar Ghar and is an inspiring student for everyone. He belongs to the Kharda village of Mandwa Panchayat which is around 7 kilometres from Hunar Ghar.  Raju is so motivated to attend Hunar Ghar that the long walk doesn’t phase him. Raju always wanted to be a part of a good school and really likes studying. He used to study at a government school in Mandwa… Read More

Kotra Learning Festival 2017 organised by Kshamtalaya

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Kotra Learning Festival 2017 was hosted at Hunar Ghar by one of our partner organisations, Kshamtalaya. It brought together a group of Kshamtalaya interns with children living in the area around Hunar Ghar. All involved flourished through the creative learning activities they participated in together. Kshamtalaya core team member, Soumya, gives an introduction to Kshamtalaya and writes about the aims and achievements of the first ever Kotra Learning Festival in this guest blog…

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Teachers’ Handbook: Achieving high learning outcomes for rural learners

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At Educate for Life, we continuously document our experiences and learning to create resources to be shared with other organisations and schools working in rural India, in order to achieve a wider impact. We recently published the first draft of our Teachers’ Handbook in English and Hindi, which will enable teachers with varying skill levels to achieve high learning outcomes for children in marginalised settings like that of Bakhel. Our Co-founder and CEO, Ed Forrest writes about how the Handbook works, the years of collective effort that went into developing it and what we plan to achieve through it…

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