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Digging the fact that the well digging is going on well…

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I’m extremely happy to be able to share that we have started digging a well at Hunar Ghar. In our village all people take water from wells and hand pumps – there is no piped water or reservoir. Unfortunately we live in an extremely dry area, so outside of the three months of the monsoon and post-monsoon period there is water scarcity. This is very limiting in our desired to do agriculture with the children, not to mention Sakuribai and her team are required to bring water for 120 children each day from quite a long distance – no easy task.

The well at Hunar Ghar means we will be able to have clean water for using in the toilets, so children can wash themselves and their hands, bringing new levels of hygiene. We will be able to sustain all our fruit trees and flowers and vegetables through drip irrigation which is to be provided by the Rotary Club. It will also massively reduce the burden on Sakuribai to bring water, enabling the children to take on the role of greater responsibility in the care of their school by each class getting water from the well themselves. Lastly, construction will be easier and cheaper, as we won’t have to import water to mix the mud for walls. I’m also sure that exciting new possibilities will come up through ready access to water.

This will all be linked in with our rainwater harvesting system. We already capture a high amount of rainwater, and this capturing capacity will increase with the introduction of the well.

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Digging the well inside the school boundaries. 

Three things I realised from my trip to Hunar Ghar

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So I’ve just returned from a 20 day trip to India and Hunar Ghar to say hi to our team, catch up with and be inspired by everything they’ve been acheiving, and put in motion the next stages of development.* I’ll talk about it a bit more below but to sum up my feelings from the trip: I’m incredibly excited by the growing capacity and potential of Hunar Ghar and its team to act as an exciting hub of intelligent and meaningful community development, and see a very real potential for it to become a space which could set new standards in international rural education and development – and you should be too.

But why so? It’s down to three main things that I saw, realised, and understood when I was there last week… Read More

Excellent changes in Hunar Ghar

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Cleaning -: Neha make excellent Tippy tap and give attention on the tippy tap. Now always water in tippy tap. Children is also using daily, before use food children hand is cleaning.

Food quality -: our food quality is making more good. Now children is eating more fruits and salad. It is also going in continue way

Staff capacity -: Staff capacity is making more good every Saturday our staff is also learning computer.

Woman meeting and relation with community -: Neha and Vishnu priya always going to meet community woman and making excellent relation with woman and community people, After meet they taking meeting and also giving one surface for woman. It is very nice relation with community.

Creative work -: Our creative work is making more good. Teacher is doing more work in craft period.

Boundary work -: This time we have take good quantity cactus, soon our Hunar Ghar boundary of cactus will make more strong.

Green Hunar Ghar -: Our all trees of Huanr Ghar is growing very well and make very good green Hunar Ghar.

Green community -: All trees we distribute to community is growing very well. I think we distribute trees 99 percent is growing very well.

Children Exposure -: we have complete exposure of Hospital, Bank and we have make plain our zoo exposures.

You can think what excellent changes came in Hunar Ghar.