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Eye camp at Hunar Ghar

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An eye camp for the students at Hunar Ghar and the community in and around Bakhel was organised on October 4th in collaboration with Global Hospitaland Research Centre, Mount Abu. Hunar Ghar acts a community hub for undertaking health initiatives to the remote area of Bakhel panchyat.  The eye camp is our one such initiative to secure a good eye health for our students/community and also diagnose serious issues in their primitive stages. Our health and community manager, Madhusudan Singh shares his experience..

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Health and Community Team attends workshop on maternal and newborn care

By Health, India
We constantly strive to offer opportunities for learning and development for our team. Most of our team members come from rural or semi-urban areas of Rajasthan. While they bring with them invaluable insights into the needs of  the local community, these learning opportunities offer them exposure to best practices implemented in other organisations and new developments that continue to take place in their area of work. Our Health and Community team at Hunar Ghar recently participated in a state level workshop on maternal and newborn care…

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Breakfast Club started at Hunar Ghar

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Last year we conducted an Early Childhood Development Study to understand how Bakhel children could be better served. Our study found that 90% of 1-4 year olds in Bakhel have stunted growth and 54% were underweight or severely underweight. To help address the problem of malnutrition, we started a breakfast club last month so that children at Hunar Ghar receive healthy and balanced meals twice a day, complementing the free school lunch they already get. Our Special Educational Needs Intern Leah took the lead on this. Below is an excerpt from her blog where she describes the background work that was done to start the breakfast club.

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