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Annual health screening at Hunar Ghar

Annual Health Screening at Hunar Ghar

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Hunar Ghar is set in a geographically isolated location of Southern Rajasthan. In the marginalized community of Bakhel people live in incredibly deprived and challenging conditions with very poor access to government health services. Educate for Life has transformed the community’s access to reliable and professional healthcare by arranging bi-monthly Mobile health clinic visit, regular Eye-camps & Dental camps and an Annual health screening. The Annual health screening this year was held on Dec 8th and 9th to assess the general health and nutrition for 427 pupils at Hunar Ghar. Our Administrative Manager Kanan shares a detailed report..

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Breakfast Club started at Hunar Ghar

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Last year we conducted an Early Childhood Development Study to understand how Bakhel children could be better served. Our study found that 90% of 1-4 year olds in Bakhel have stunted growth and 54% were underweight or severely underweight. To help address the problem of malnutrition, we started a breakfast club last month so that children at Hunar Ghar receive healthy and balanced meals twice a day, complementing the free school lunch they already get. Our Special Educational Needs Intern Leah took the lead on this. Below is an excerpt from her blog where she describes the background work that was done to start the breakfast club.

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Manual Development for Safe Childhood Programme

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Following the success of Safe Motherhood Programme, we are in the process of launching the Safe Childhood Programme. Two interns from University of Kent, Wuraola Obadahun and Joshna Ganger will be working on creating manuals to be used by community health workers for standardising care of newborns and infants. Here they talk about the groundwork that has been done before they arrive in India next week and start their work with the health team at Hunar Ghar.

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