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Our Friends of Educate for Life are forever changing the future for children in rural India for the better. Starting in Bakhel, one of the most marginalised villages in the country, their support is having an impact on three incredible levels:


  1. It changes the lives of individual children

  2. It supports the transformation of the entire rural community where they live

  3. It leads to change across the whole of India


Individual impact: Change the lives of individual children


Before Hunar Ghar, there were no functional schools in Bakhel. Children of all ages went with their parents to work in the fields, trapping them in poverty.

Hunar Ghar provides meaningful, quality education in a caring and nurturing environment.  Pupils are achieving literacy and numeracy skills well above the state average.  And they receive much needed healthcare, keeping them well, happy and in school.

Your support covers a child’s uniform; daily nutritious lunches; their books and materials; their teacher and their teacher’s training; class trips and experiences;  all their childhood vaccinations, and regular screening by paediatricians and eye and ear testing.

In this way, Hunar Ghar changes the lives of 500 children.


Community impact: Transform a rural village


In sustaining the cost of one child, you sustain Hunar Ghar, which also acts as a hub for integrated community development projects.  These include: regular mobile health clinics with access to a female doctor; referral and follow-up systems, where we personally escort ill people to hospitals to get specialist care and to ensure it has been effective; a safe pregnancy and motherhood programme; women’s self help groups, which economically empower women; the provision of safe drinking water; and fruit tree and vegetable seed distribution.


National impact: Lead change in rural schools across India


There are seven million children across India who are not in school.  Deprived rural communities have great difficulty accessing good education for their children.  Government schools are often closed and teachers absent, often due to the lack of support they receive.  When teaching does occur it is typically focused on learning by rote and fails to engage pupils and to identify their specific learning needs.

Hunar Ghar is an exceptionally successful rural school and is becoming an integrated development role model for the government and other charities across India.  We have demonstrated that it is possible to have a well performing school in a resource poor rural location as long as teaching staff are supported and the local community is fully engaged.  We are partnering with national organisations to embed our evidence-based, systematic approach in school networks across India.  We’re also working with the government to change how rural education is delivered.  This will lead to tens of thousands of children having better learning opportunities.


Being a Friend of Educate for Life

As a Friend of Educate for Life you will follow the amazing journey of a class of children navigating their way through ten years of life from when they first join Hunar Ghar in Balwadi  (Reception, age 4) through to Class 8 (age 14).  You will receive four annual updates of photos, videos and stories about individual children in the class, their families and the wider community.   By following a whole class, as opposed to just one child, you will gain a understanding of the challenges faced by different families and a rich insight into the community as a whole.  You will see how our interventions make a difference to day to day life, as well as the future of Bakhel.


 Become our Friend: Give £25 a month


Great reasons to become a Friend of Educate for Life

We are delighted that generous people like you are choosing to support us on a regular basis.  Critically, this enables us to budget effectively and plan our work, meaning we can make and deliver on firm commitments to a very poor community. Our project has already been running for eight years – already four times longer than any other project ever in the area – and it is going from strength to strength.

We think the best relationships are built on trust, truth, commitment, support and sharing.  We’re transparent with our Friends so you can see what rural development in a highly challenging area is really like.  We share the ups and downs of our journey to achieve tremendous change and we celebrate our successes.  We’re there for the long haul, come rain or shine.

Become a Friend of Educate for Life and start a life-changing friendship that will give you a deep sense of meaning and children in India new opportunities for their futures.