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We are incredibly grateful to all our supporters who help us change the lives of children in rural India.  Every single person who supports us is integral to our growing success, and your support need not be financial.  Spreading the word about what we are doing and raising awareness of our work costs nothing but is invaluable to our ongoing growth and ambitions.


Here are four ways you can get involved:


1. Become a Friend of Educate for Life


Friends of Educate for Life are changing the future for children in rural India for the better. Starting in Bakhel, one of the most marginalised villages in the country, their support has an impact on three levels:

  1. It changes the lives of individual children.
  2. It supports the transformation of the entire rural community where they live.
  3. It is leading to changes in rural education across the whole of India.

You can become a Friend by making a donation of £10 a month. You will follow the amazing journey of a class of children navigating their way through ten years of life from when they first join Hunar Ghar in Balwadi  (Reception, age 4) through to Class 8 (age 14).  You will receive four rich annual updates of photos, videos and stories about individual children in the class, their families and the wider community.

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2. Make a donation


We started by asking one million people to give us just two pence to build Hunar Ghar. 10 years on and every penny still counts. You can choose to make monthly, quarterly, or annual regular donations or to make a one-off gift of any amount.

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3. Hold a fundraiser


We think our youngest fundraiser, Luca, aged nine, is pretty inspirational. He broke his foot in a very boring way. To liven his story up, he ran a competition at his school. Children had to write an exciting story about how he broke his foot and pay 50p entry, with all proceeds going to Educate for Life. His mum and dad sponsored a small prize for the best story. We heard about Luca’s efforts and helped him set up a BT MyDonate fundraising page. Luca ended up raising £124 for Educate for Life – enough to pay for a child to come to Hunar Ghar for a whole year. An amazing achievement!

You too can be a Luca and get creative, get active, get fundraising! From story competitions to coast-to-coast walks and running marathons, raise invaluable funds for the children and community at Hunar Ghar. To help you with ideas we have a special fundraising pack and we are always keen to know what you are up to. We can support you and perhaps get your local paper or radio station interested in your challenge!

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4. Share our story


Some of the most amazing moments in life are the unexpected. Our co-founders Ed and Ash both wanted to build a school in India. By chance, they met at university and discovered their shared dream. Educate for Life is the result of that serendipitous moment.

Give fate a helping hand and share our story. Use each of the buttons below to tell your family, friends, social and business networks about our work and vision. You may know someone that will be particularly interested in what we do. If they are, please introduce us! Email them and Ed to link them up so they can start a dialogue.

Who knows who you know that might want to become a Friend, make a donation, hold a fundraiser, or share our story further. Every contact makes a difference.

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How will you support change?