Support women's Self Help Groups


Support three women's Self Help Groups


Enable three women’s Self Help Groups

We support three women’s Self-Help Groups. Meeting twice a month at Hunar Ghar, women in these groups are able to develop friendships and talk in a safe space about issues of mutual concern including water-borne diseases, hygiene, sanitation and pregnancy. Our health and community team provide regular health education classes. The groups also have a strong focus on saving money – each fortnight every woman brings between 20p to 50p to save. Each group has opened a bank account and between them they have now managed to save over £900! Two of the groups have even started to interloan money. We’re excited about the success of these groups which increase the role played by women in the community. The savings also mean that there is some financial protection in place for women in the event of unexpected health costs or a crop failure. Your one off donation of £521 will support one of the groups to go from strength to strength.


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What your donation covers

  • Support from our Community Health team to facilitate meetings and provide health education sessions
  • Support with management of bank accounts and inter-loaning
  • Refreshments at meetings

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