Support a mother through her pregnancy


Support a mother through her pregnancy


Support a mother

There’s a very high infant mortality rate in Bakhel – a quarter of all households in the community have experienced the loss of a child under five. That’s why we created our Safe Motherhood Programme which is designed to provide regular healthcare support and advice for women throughout their pregnancies and during the first few years of their child’s life. Our programme is having a big impact in ensuring healthier pregnancies, safer childbirth and improved child health outcomes. Your donation of £4 a month will go a long way towards ensuring that a baby born in Bakhel gets off to a much healthier start in life.


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pregnant women supported each year
pregnant women in regular contact with a community health worker
women having pregnancy vaccinations and supplements

What your donation covers

  • All new-born vaccinations
  • Regular home visits from a community health worker
  • Ensuring receipt of pregnancy vaccines and supplements
  • Breast feeding support
  • Nutrition counselling

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