Support Hunar Ghar’s Library

We have a brand new library at Hunar Ghar, a calm bright space for reading and studying. The shelves are filling with books in Hindi and in English, all aimed at inspiring young new readers.

We will be getting more books as we see which authors are popular and what reference books children are dipping into to support their studies. We will also fund a librarian who will maintain and manage the library – in addition to teaching duties – and encourage students to play an active role in looking after the books and the space. It will cost just £7 per child per year to stock and maintain the library – could you donate the cost of a new paperback and bring a love of reading to a remote rural school in India?


Or for more information contact Iona-Jane at

literacy rate in Bakhel at time of last census
avid new readers
iconic and peaceful library

What your donation covers

  • Salary for librarian
  • New books to inspire  a passion for reading and to help children learn independently

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