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Become a Friend


Become a Friend of Educate for Life

Become a Friend of Educate for Life by donating £25 per month and change the future for children in rural India for the better.

Your regular gift will support the education of children attending Hunar Ghar School. You will receive four annual updates about developments at Hunar Ghar. These updates will give you insight into the impact of your support on children’s educational achievements and involvement in extra-curricular activities. You are supporting happy, healthy childhoods and enabling positive learning experiences for children who are the first in their families to go to school.



Or for more information contact Iona-Jane at

per month
children at Hunar Ghar
children going on to secondary education after Hunar Ghar

What your donation covers

  • School uniform
  • Daily nutritious meals
  • All books, materials and stationary
  • Class trips and experiences
  • Childhood vaccinations
  • Regular screening by paediatricians and eye and ear testing

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