Our Partners

We are financially, strategically, operationally, and proudly supported by a diverse group of partners – from small businesses to international organisations. We are all united in the same vision of happy, healthy childhoods for the community of Bakhel, and Educate for Life is grateful for their kind support in enabling us to serve this vision.

Operational Partners



Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti (RBKS) is our long-term local operational partner. RBKS has implemented all on the ground Hunar Ghar activities since 2006.

Global Hospital & Research Centre


The GHRC are our strategic and operational partners in improving healthcare for the Bakhel community. They run the mobile clinic and our annual eye camp. Their support has enabled high impact change of health care in the community.



Kshamtalaya is an Indian NGO which works with students and teachers in disadvantaged settings so that students develop into socially and economically active adults. We are working in partnership with Kshamtalaya to improve the quality of secondary education in government schools.

Let’s Open a Book


Let’s Open a Book is an Indian NGO assisting with the set up of the Hunar Ghar School Library and providing guidance on reading materials and reading strategies.

Apni Shala


We partner with Apni Shala to build the capacities of Hunar Ghar teachers to respond to the specific socio-emotional and developmental challenges of students at Hunar Ghar.

Funding Partners

Bain & Company


Bain & Company has supported the construction of a well at the school and supports children to attend Hunar Ghar.

Hazel’s Footprints Trust


Hazel’s Footprints Trust is funding two of our incredible teachers at Hunar Ghar School for three years. Our teachers are committed to making learning fun, engaging and accessible for all our pupils.

Maharashtra Foundation


We are grateful to their support for helping improve facilities at Hunar Ghar and for a grant in 2018 which will fully support a whole class of children to attend school for a year.



OneKindAct is supporting children to attend Hunar Ghar and to go on to continue their education at secondary school. It is also supporting the costs of all our teacher training opportunities for a year as well as enabling us to expand our kitchen facilities.

The Gregory Mills Foundation


We are honoured that the Gregory Mills Foundation is supporting us to provide healthy and nutritious meals for our Hunar Ghar pupils as well as enabling us to provide regular PE lessons for all Hunar Ghar classes. The Foundation has also financed the installation of a water purification system at Hunar Ghar to ensure safe drinking water is available.

The British and Foreign School Society


The BFSS funded the construction and furnishing of two classrooms at Hunar Ghar, allowing us to: increase access to education, increase gender equitable access to education, increase attendance, and improve learning levels.

The Marr Munning Trust


The Marr Munning Trust is supporting three classes of children to attend Hunar Ghar.

The Toy Trust


The Toy Trust provided us with a grant to cover the cost of furnishing one of our new classrooms in 2016, which was built as a result of our crowdfunding campaign. It is also supporting the provision of craft materials and resources for our students.

Women’s India Association of the UK


We’re immensely grateful for the WIA’s support of our health and community team, enabling us to provide  maternal and infant healthcare in Bakhel.

The Allergan Foundation


The Allergan Foundation is supporting children to attend Hunar Ghar and to benefit from integrated education and healthcare.

The Edward Smart Charitable Trust


The Edward Smart Charitable Trust is supporting our work with Kshamtalaya to improve the quality of education in secondary schools in the vicinity of Hunar Ghar.

The Little Tugboat Day Nursery


This amazing nursery is fundraising to support our Child Health Programme at Hunar Ghar School. Thanks to staff, parents and children, regular fundraising events are taking place to ensure that all children who attend Hunar Ghar School get regular health checks and all their health entitlements such as vaccines.

The Margaret McEwen Trust


We are very grateful to this trust for supporting our vital school meals programme at Hunar Ghar.

Sisi and Savita Charitable Trust


This trust is kindly funding the education of two Hunar Ghar students.




This digital textbook publisher is supporting our plans to introduce digital learning materials into Hunar Ghar classrooms.

The Woodward Charitable Trust


This trust is supporting our work to ensure mothers and their young children receive reliable healthcare and support.

Gilchrist Educational Trust


This trust is providing funds for school uniforms for Hunar Ghar students.

St James’s Place Charitable Foundation

This foundation has supported students to benefit from a holistic education at Hunar Ghar School.