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We’ve introduced another little innovation to the website in the interest of clarity: our emails. All emails we send through the charity will now appear online for Mr and Mrs W (the world and his wife) to read, should they be interested.

We’ll soon have our accounts online too, but until then, here is the link to the emails: link

And, we’re back

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Welcome once again to the Educate for Life blog, Mk III. We understand that it has been some time since the blog was last able to grace your computer screens, and for that we are very sorry.

So what’s been going on? Well, Ash continues to develop a fantastic school out in India, and although things remain challenging, with corruption, insolence and thievery rife, the school carries on regardless. The teachers aren’t necessarily perfect, and don’t seem to mind if they turn up late. The good news is that the children are behaving much better than the teachers; if the teacher is late then they organise themselves into little play groups and sing songs and games together.

Ash even managed to get the kids out of the classroom and down to the river the other day for a bit of sand sculpture class. Slowly but surely we’ll dilute the learn by rote and add in the learn by do and experience.

Once again, sorry for the absence, and we how that you will once more enjoy Ash’s and my ramblings on the building of a charity.