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Social Emotional Learning workshop with Apni Shala

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Hunar Ghar emphasizes on giving the best tools to the teachers that can empower them to make a child learn effectively and creatively. A wholesome education is the one which gives children life skills, a problem solving ability and a balanced temperament apart from just progressing on the prescribed curriculum.

Apni Shala, an organization working towards improving Social Emotional Learning(SEL) in children, conducted a two-day workshop with teachers at Hunar Ghar. Read More

Hunar Ghar June Orientation 2017

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A June Orientation was organised for the teaching and non-teaching staff of Hunar Ghar between the 19th and 29th of June in Udaipur. The dates for the Orientation are just ahead of the new academic year that begins with an enrolment period at Hunar Ghar at the start of July. It is a nice opportunity to have everyone from Hunar Ghar in one place for 10 days and through different sessions discuss (a) the new initiatives in the school in the coming year, (b) new concepts and (c)  ideas from everyone on making improvements. Here our new Chief Operating Officer, Sanjiv Ray, shares an overview of the sessions that took place… Read More

Balwadi Teachers’ reflection exercise

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We believe that the Balwadi (pre-school) years are extremely formative years for children. We have developed a Balwadi Social Vision which contains clear developmental objectives to help get pre-school children at Hunar Ghar school-ready. Our Balwadi Lead, Pankaj Khatik, works closely with our Balwadi teachers to help them ensure our Balwadi children are making appropriate developmental progress. Pankaj writes in this blog about a new reflection exercise started for the Balwadi teachers that enables them to share their experiences, to learn from each other and to create new ways of engaging children in class.

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Why we should celebrate and support teachers

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As Teachers’ Day is being celebrated across India, we, at Educate for Life, salute our teachers who give shape to our vision of creating an inspiring rural school and changing the landscape of education in India step by step. Our Co-founder and CEO, Ed Forrest, writes about how our teachers accomplish this in an extremely challenging rural context of complex systemic challenges of poor health and living standards. In this blog, he talks about an ecosystem of support that has been developed to help rural teachers achieve great results and the commitment and dedication our teachers have shown towards making learning meaningful, fun and empowering for our children.

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Reflections of Teachers on June Orientation

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At Educate for Life, we believe that it is our teachers who enable us bring our vision of creating an amazing school to life. The 10-day June orientation programme was a time for teachers to explore new methods of learning, understand formats that will enable them plan their lessons, sessions and the year better and reconnect their work with the values that form the foundation of Hunar Ghar. With the new academic year started, teachers at Hunar Ghar reflected upon their experiences at the orientation, their takeaways from the sessions conducted and their plans for the year ahead.

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