School Management Committee

Second school management committee meeting at Hunar Ghar

School Management Committee Meeting

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The Hunar Ghar School Management Committee (SMC) comprises of community members and the parents of students enrolled at Hunar Ghar as well as Hunar Ghar staff.  Our SMC works with the school administration to manage and monitor school activities. The participation of the parents and the larger community lends us much-needed support on ways to bring about change and strengthens the school’s relationship with local community members.

We cheer the participation of women members. Gender equality helps in ensuring focus on education for girl children and an increased agency for women. An active community interaction, encourages greater students’ enrolment rates besides creating a greater accountability among the school administration and teachers.

The Rural Changemaker at Hunar Ghar, Rahul Dubey who facilitated the recent meeting along with two of our teachers, Gopal and Yudhishtir, shares his experience and observations… Read More

Gopal leading SMC meeting

Making schools accountable to communities

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For some parents in the UK, the idea of a school management committee composed of teachers, parents, and other members of the local community, might fill them with dread as frustrating evenings dominated by Tiger Mums, Helicopter Dads, and others with an overbearing sense of entitlement.
But in places like rural India where schools are nascent, it is important that communities develop a sense of entitlement.  People need to understand what they should expect from a school and their children’s education.  Armed with this awareness, they can then play a role in holding their local school to account and ensuring a better educational experience for their children.

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