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Learning first-hand through PBSA

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Every year classes at Hunar Ghar undergo PBSA – Project Based Summative Assessment to learn through observation and interaction outside the school. The students pick up a topic in consultation with their class teachers and then plan and execute a visit themselves. This year class 4, 6 and 7 visited Primary Health Centre, Mandwa, Forest Deptt office, Kukawas and Post Office at Mandwa respectively for their PBSA. Here’s a brief overview of their experience…

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Child Learning Demonstration Day at Hunar Ghar

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At Educate for Life, we believe that community members are an important part of school accountability system and should be able to provide their insight and advice on how to improve the school. Child Learning Demonstration Days at Hunar Ghar are one of the key processes that enable this as explained in detail in our Teacher’s Handbook. These are monthly events where children demonstrate what they have learnt in their classrooms in front of the whole community. Our Fundraising and Communications officer Shwetambera writes about her experience of attending the Child Learning Demonstration event conducted in October before Diwali holidays in school.

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Increasing community involvement through community newsletters

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We, at Educate for Life, believe that community engagement is vital for the success of a school. One of the ways through which we foster meaningful community involvement is through community newsletters. These newsletters act as tools for establishing parent-teacher relationships and help us understand the expectations of the community so that we can continuously work towards keeping the curriculum relevant. 

Pankaj, our Balwadi Lead, has been organising the content of Community Newsletters for the past two months. He writes about his experiences of engaging with the community and the impact of the newsletter he has witnessed.

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