This is Rajesh*

This is Rajesh*.

Rajesh* has been studying at Hunar Ghar Primary School for three years. He is now a final year student in Class 8. This year he has been elected by his fellow students to serve as President on the Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad or Children’s Parliament. He is keen to make sure that the school facilities are well maintained and that school food is good.

Recently, Rajesh was part of a Hunar Ghar School Kabaddi team which participated in a district level competition. He was selected to go on to participate in a state level tournament. This meant that he had the opportunity to develop his skills during a residential training session with other players, before taking part in the tournament.

Here he shares how he felt about taking part in the recent sports events…

“I and my friends were happy because we going to Udaipur for district level play. Here in Udaipur we defeated 4 teams and we were playing well. It was proud moment for me that everyone was impressed with our play. But in semi-final we have to face team, which were playing so nice that they had defeated 7 teams. So we got scared in our mind that they are a very strong team.

“I thought if they have defeated so many teams then what will we do in front of them now but still we played. A boy was playing so well that he defeat me. Even after our hard work, we lost game. But win and lose is part of the game. I and my friends learn the new rules and how other teams play. I was selected to play at the state level from Udaipur, I got more happiness.

“I went for training and I talked to that boy who defeat me. I told him that I will not fear you anymore and will play well. Then after he become my good friend and support me to learn new experience. Then we went to play State level Kabaddi, here I gave good raids, then our coach felt that he was getting good raids, so he was sending me again and again. But the boys of the other team were older than me in the height, so I could not compete with them, but I gave my team good raids and my confidence become stronger. And now I have decided that I will become a raider.

“I have learned new rules. I learned that should not see in opposite player’s eyes it will distract you, need to focus on leg movement of players. I feel really proud on myself that I played state level. I will continue kabaddi play.”

*Name changed to protect identity.