Back to School?

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Do you remember going back to school as a child? For us, it was simply part of growing up, but for 537 children in Bakhel, a remote community in rural India, going to school is not part of childhood.  For them, and 59 million children worldwide, education remains out of reach. But you can help change that. Take a trip down memory lane and raise awareness of children around the world who won’t be back in school this week. Share your old school photos on social media using the hashtag #backtoschool and tag your friends to encourage them to share theirs too!  Read More

Mumbai Visit

Mumbai School Visit

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Last week Hunar Ghar Principal Chandrakant Sharma and two teachers from the school, Gopal and Prakash, visited three schools in Mumbai.  Their visit was organised by Amisha Modi from Adhyayan following on from our whole school self review led by Adhyayan earlier this year.  We continue to be supported by Adhyayan to improve the quality of education at Hunar Ghar. Here Chandrakant shares how meeting other teachers and visiting their schools has provided useful insights into different teaching methodologies and ways of learning which can be used to improve educational quality at Hunar Ghar… Read More


All Aglow!

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We are delighted to announce the start of our partnership with Aglow, a brand new stylish and ethical clothing company, which is donating 10% of every item of clothing sold to Educate for Life.  Here, Aglow founder and Commander-in-Chic, Cecily Hewlett, explains what motivated her to set up Aglow and to work with us… Read More