Visiting Hunar Ghar

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Evan Warnock was awarded the Bristol Fellowship from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, USA, enabling him to spend a year studying how the spatial and architectural design of schools influences teaching and learning.  He has visited Finland, Japan and India as part of his research trip, and he is now spending his final months in Uganda.  Before leaving India, he visited Hunar Ghar and he has shared his reflections in his travel blog which he has given us permission to share… Read More


Introducing our new patron…Matt Barbet

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We are delighted that Matt Barbet, Presenter, 5 News, has agreed to become our patron. Matt filmed the construction of the very first classrooms at Hunar Ghar in 2007 for the BBC.  His time in Bakhel made a deep impression on him and here he shares what inspired him then and what still inspires him now about Educate for Life…

Occasionally, you just know that someone absolutely means it when they say they will get something done. That’s what I felt when I first met Ed and Ash. Read More


Enrolling new pupils in Hunar Ghar

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The summer holidays at Hunar Ghar have started for our children. It’s well deserved, after another long year of school for these first generation learners they will enjoy some time off from school before the new academic year in India starts on 1 July. It’s not all time off for them though, as they’ll be helping their parents in the fields, girls fetching water and wood for cooking and cleaning, boys and girls grazing animals by the river. Read More