Early Childhood Development Survey Complete

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It’s been just over a week and the survey is completed, thanks to the extraordinary hard work of Hunar Ghar Project Manager Kanan Silvera and Community Health Coordinator Vishnu Priya.

Before doing this survey, although I had spent some time exploring the area, I had never fully appreciated how spread out the five hamlets that make up Bakhel are, and how hidden some of the households! For the first couple of days the scootie was at the mechanic’s for repairs, meaning that we had to cover several kilometres on foot, seeking out the survey’s participants. Read More


Our new intern begins

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We were pleased to be joined by our new intern, Mégan Muller, this week. She will be working with us until the end of August. She’ll spend two months working in our office in London, then travel to India to spend two and a half months at Hunar Ghar. Read More