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Tackling malnutrition through our Hunar Ghar kitchen team

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One of the integral components of our holistic approach towards education is providing healthy, nutritious meals for all pupils at Hunar Ghar. It is all the more important in a village like Bakhel, where 61% of children are malnourished, resulting in stunted growth and wasting (as shown in our Early Childhood Development Study). In this blog, we give you an insight into the kitchen at Hunar Ghar and the people involved in running it, who through their dedication and effort, prepare and serve nearly 900 meals a day… Read More

Introducing our Child Health Coordinator at Hunar Ghar

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Taking care of the overall health of children enrolled at Hunar Ghar is an integral part of our holistic approach to education. With a 60% increase in enrolment this year and a total of 412 children at Hunar Ghar as a result, we now are in a position to have a much larger impact on children’s health in the community. In light of this increased responsibility, Shobhag Meena has joined us as our Child Health at Hunar Ghar coordinator. In this blog, he writes about his background and his responsibilities at Hunar Ghar.

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Class 8 results: Proud moment for Hunar Ghar teachers

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The first batch of class 8 students at Hunar Ghar graduated this year and 100% of them went on to get enrolled in hostel schools for secondary education. All the students who graduated this year scored 75% A and B grades in their board exams. These results are a testimony to the efficacy of pedagogical innovations employed at Hunar Ghar which are a radical shift from the traditional learning by rote practiced in most schools in rural India. Supporting rural teachers and meaningfully engaging with the community form the mainstay of these innovations. Hunar Ghar teachers Ajeet Sangia and Shantilal Bhumburia write about the efforts that have gone behind this accomplishment of our students and the teachers’ own experience of sharing this learning journey.

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