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Ed Forrest

Developing a literacy culture from scratch

By India
Hunar Ghar children come from primarily illiterate families. The literacy rate among women in the village, the primary care givers of our students, is 11%. During an Early Childhood Development survey conducted by us in the community in 2015, we found that for 60 randomly selected children and their caregivers, 51 sets of caregivers knew no age appropriate songs, stories or poems to be able to tell their children. The same number also possessed no age appropriate books and had no pens, pencils or crayons for children to draw with. This means that children living in the community around Hunar Ghar depend almost entirely on Hunar Ghar to develop literacy. Read More

Why we should celebrate and support teachers

By Education, India, Teacher Training
As Teachers’ Day is being celebrated across India, we, at Educate for Life, salute our teachers who give shape to our vision of creating an inspiring rural school and changing the landscape of education in India step by step. Our Co-founder and CEO, Ed Forrest, writes about how our teachers accomplish this in an extremely challenging rural context of complex systemic challenges of poor health and living standards. In this blog, he talks about an ecosystem of support that has been developed to help rural teachers achieve great results and the commitment and dedication our teachers have shown towards making learning meaningful, fun and empowering for our children.

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Why I support Educate for Life – Mr A the Fixit

By India
Aditya Trivedi, known affectionately as Mr A or Mr Fixit, is one of Udaipur’s premiere travel agents and one of Educate for Life’s oldest supporters.

Actually, Mr A doesn’t even call himself a travel agent. He says, “Whatever people need helps with, regardless of whether it’s under my job or not, I don’t care. I’ll just make sure that the job is done in the proper way, that’s it”.

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