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Teachers seen here playing a game

Social Emotional Learning workshop with Apni Shala

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Hunar Ghar emphasizes on giving the best tools to the teachers that can empower them to make a child learn effectively and creatively. A wholesome education is the one which gives children life skills, a problem solving ability and a balanced temperament apart from just progressing on the prescribed curriculum.

Apni Shala, an organization working towards improving Social Emotional Learning(SEL) in children, conducted a two-day workshop with teachers at Hunar Ghar. Read More

Successful story of handpump

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 This is the story of Hunar Ghar handpump. We have a school and we call our school Hunar Ghar. In Hunar Ghar 120 children come to study.  During the summer time we find a lot of difficulties with water. Many times finding drinking water is hard. At least in our mind one Idea came, we can make a proposal for a handpump and we can give this to the government and the government will provide us with a handpump.

Proposal of handpump

After coming up with this idea I started work on the handpump proposal. I also included Hunar Ghar staff. I gave some tasks to our staff related to the handpump proposal.

Tasks for Hunar Ghar staff:

  1. Introduction of Hunar Ghar
  2. Why we need a handpump
  3. How many liters of water per day do we use

What we use the water for:

  1. Drinking water for staff and children in liters
  2. Water for trees in liters
  3. Water for cleaning plates and pots in liters

Benefits of a handpump

  1. Benefits the community
  2. Benefits Hunar Ghar school and the children
  3. Benefits Hunar Ghar staff
  4. Benefits for health

Our Hunar Ghar staff write details of each point. Afterwards, I write a more detailed proposal and then we take it for printing and the proposal looks very good.

 At this time, all of the Government Departments held a camp at Mandva.  We took our children to see the exposure. On this day I spoke to a government official about the work that we wanted to do. I told him that we needed one handpump for Hunar Ghar. This  day we submitted our handpump proposal to the water department of Kotra, SDM, Tehsildar and  mandva Sarpanch.

Mandva sarpanch agreed to do this work.

The next day we held a meeting for the handpump but not very many people came.

After 2 days I and Neha went to meet the SDM (sub division officer) to discuss the handpump work. He said our handpump machine was near kodarmal (a village 8KM from Hunar Ghar) and he would send it to Hunar Ghar in the next week.

After 10 days I again met with SDM and the Water department (JEN) and this day I found out the information that the water machine tender had been rejected. Now we would need to wait for the next tender. This was upsetting for me.

Later, Mandva sarpanch gave permission for the handpump. In November we held our game tournaments. To these tournaments we invited sarpanch and at the end he gave a speech and he said that he finally had a handpump for Hunar Ghar.

It was very exciting for us. Then we needed to wait for the wheat crop to be harvested in February/March. On 27-02-2013 we were able to collect the machine for the handpump and now we have bored the handpump.

Problems we faced-

1) less interest of Hunar Ghar staff

When we were making the handpump  proposal, the staff did not show much interest. They said that what you are writing us is not useful and that if the villagers (particularly those who support the elections) go to the sarpanch, that will do.

2) Cancel of handpump tender

Myself and Neha think that soon we will have the handpump when the SDM say that our machine is in Kodarmal. However, at the next meeting I find out that the handpump tender has been rejected.

Excellent work:

1) participation of whole Hunar Ghar staff

Although initially the Hunar Ghar staff were quite negative, they did take some responsibility for helping with the proposal.

2) Positive response

Finally, sarpanch said he had a handpump for Hunar Ghar. Our whole staffs thinking becomes very positive. All Hunar Ghar staff say that soon we will have a handpump and that this will be great for the community and children.

Ajit bumbaria has a  good relationship with sarpanch.  He also starts to help in our handpump process.

3) Excellent attention of Gopal Joshi

After we submitted the proposal Gopal went to meet sarpanch to speak about the handpump and what was happening about it. Gopal meets 4-5 times with sarpanch.

4) New good relationship

Because of the handpump proposal we established a good relationship with the water department of Kotra, Sarpanch of Manda, SDM and Tehsildar of Kotra.

I think that we can name this handpump the  “Neha handpump” so that the community can remember her work.

I hope that this handpump will be useful for all.


Hau Banao Registration complete

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9 January is very good days for me. This  is my  1st working day of the year. This day we have Registered  Milao Haath Chalo Saath Hau Banao Sabaro Jeevan ( Hau Banao)

Making trust it is very long process. We give almost 1 year for make trust.


Why I am happy to Milao Haath Chalo Saath Hau Banao Sabaro Jeevan ( Hau Banao)

  • Learn legal work
    During trust process I learn lot of legal work. I learn register of trust, Open trust Bank account, leran stamps works.
  • Better opportunity to do better work
    Now we have very good and better opportunity, at least we are doing lot of closely work with community, we can understand problem of community after understand we can take very fast decition to slove problem.
  • Able do More close work to community
    Now we are able to take very fast action plan to do work very good our work happened very close and fast.
  • Friendly environment
    All of trust member and trustees are very good and very nice people. We know each  other. It is very good our friendly environment for our works.

Person who help us.

  • Aditya Trivedi
  • Akshay Patel
  • Deepak Sahlot
  • Edward Forrest
  • Gopal Joshi
  • Prakash Trivedi
  • Dr. Priyanka Bhata
  • Manish Joshi
  • Rahul Gehlot
  • Vishnu Priya
  • Shantilal Bumbaria
  • Sakuri Bumbaria
  • Neha Limaye
  • Vishnu Prasad Joshi
  • Vivek Kumar
  • All staff of Hunar Ghar.

Problem we face in making trust

  • Lack of information of legal work
    When we start trust that we have no knowledge of legal work. We don know what is trust deed and how we can make registary.
  • Change in government process and rules
    During deed of trust government rules change. In deed fast we can reegister at state level with all person but when we reach that time we find that we need register our deed at block level.
  • For trust work many agent.
    They make hard work they have different opion. So make our work hard.
  • Long process and we don’t know when will complete.
    So need good patience.


Tension, passion and success story of Hau Banao

First when we start this process that time we don know any thing, for small small work we need to give lot of time, we need find every little little process and we do. It need take lot of time, when we take our evalution of work that time feel very in long time we do very less work, it lot of growth lot of tension but we are doing our work and slow slow to work happened fast and 9 January 2013 we registered our trust. It is our success and success story of our Hau Banao.

I Think Hau Banao will make all villagers life very good and Fanstastic.

Deepak Sahlot.


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This is blog on Neha. She done one year voluntary work. In one year time how many work you can do. How you change people life. you can see in this blog.

If you are intersted in change people life in better and helping way you must read this blog. You can change people and your life, you can join Huanr Ghar volunteers. You have grate opportunity to do some unique in you life. If you Intersted for unique change must join Hunar Ghar voluntary and use grate opportunity to change people life.

Neha one year in Bakhel village and Hunar Ghar

About Neha:-

Neha she is Indicorps fellow. She is basicaly for USA. She is came one year for voluntary work. First time I meet Neha at Ahmadabad in indicrops training. Neha she is came 11 september 2011 at Rohida and 25 july 2012 she left Hunar Ghar. During this time what she did awesome and great work.

She has built valuable relationships with

  • Kelibai and family
  • Ratnat
  • Bhuriya & family
  • Deepak
  • Gopal
  • Vishnu Priya
  • Sakuribai
  • Pushpa
  • Sudra Devi Samooh
  • Amba Devi Samooh
  • Many other members of the Bakhel community
  • The Bakhel community at large
  • The Hunar Ghar team at large
  • Hunar Ghar and Bakhel community children
  • Stephen, Dr Devra and the Global Hospital
  • Dr Sharma and the RNT medical college
  • Local ASHAs, anganwadis and doctors
  • udaipur CHMO
  • Astha organization
  • Government officers
  • phc staff
  • Hunar Ghar staff family’s


I am showing how grate relation Neha make. When she is leaves Hunar Ghar that time our staff Pushpa medam, Vishnu priya medam is start weeping. Vishnu priya medam lot of weeped.

Last woman meeting all woman weeped.

End of day when Neha went meet in some family some people want give money ( this is gift for Neha) Neha not take any money.

Dhanji came morning and say Neha don go.

Every person ( who Neha meet ) was sad.

How to make Health Group -:

Health group :- Neha first project we decided make self help group but when Neha is came that time lot of people is seekness and many disease in the community and also when Neha came 1 month 4 children has die that time Neha is meeting All people in Bakhel village. Neha she is very intersting in make health Group and we also decided it is good time to make health group.

Neha start make Health Group.

How we choose Area :-

First process Neha invited all hemlet people for meeting. Some hemlet have disput so they not came at least we dicided with all hemlet give information and people not come we can do work with all hemlet. My Idea letter some more voluntary work or empoly will come that time we can start work in remaining hemlet. We decide we can do work in Andat, Ratnat and Dholimagri hemlet.

How woman join in the meeting:-

Neha start take meeting, our fast meeting come only few person came of community.

Neha continuly start home visit and give information to community people Next meeting also some woman came then she make invitations cards and give Every family woman invitation card, Next meeting 40 to 45 community woman is start in a meeting.

How start self help group ( SHG) :-

In the health meeting woman felling little bit boring and understanding it is not good use time that time some woman say start Shg and Neha take very good Intiatives, and good time start Shg. Neha make 2 shg. Lot of problem is came suddenly some member break that time little bit problem caming for make second group but we add some more people and we are sucessful for make second group. Now our 2 shg group account is open and going well done.

How start Health class

Health education :- Neha thinking she has a lot of time so she will start health classes.She start Health classes in class 3 and 4. Neha start make one syallabus for Health classes. It is based on community problem. Neha take every week 2 period each class. It is lot of activities based.

Today also childern rember song dholo re dholo haath dholo, sabun se haath dholo.

Over all Neha take very excellent class.

How start tree library in Huanr Ghar

tree library education :- Neha start Trees library project. Neha start fast ask informatoion of Childern what trees are you see, what is name. Neha and childern saw what trees in Hunar Ghar. Neha and children make picture of trees. Local, Hindi and English name, write use of trees on plywood use of oil paint. Over all this is very good project complete by Neha and for long time we can see

Technical work Done by Neha

(a) tippy tap :- I think this is Neha fast technical work in Hunar Ghar. Neha make one tippy tap. This is make near our kitchen. It is wonderful we can save lot of water. Childern is also taking lot of interest. Later we make 2 more Near class room. Neha is not only make but also give proper attention on the tippy tap. We use in Hunar ghar but we stop use in Summer time we have not water. Over all very good project done by Neha.

(b) solar light with bottle light :- Neha make solar light with bottle. It is very good for community. We make bottle size hole in tiles roof and put water bottle on the roof. Very wonderful light come on day time.

This is working in Hunar Ghar Kitchen. It is very good project for community in future.

Over all work Happened in Hunar Ghar later we can start with community.

What grate work Neha did in Health sector

( A) Health proposal :- 2 year we meeting Stephen ( He is Manager and voluntary work in Global Hospital) Neha and I meet Stephen and we discuss about health issue. Global hospital team came Bakhel for see Health problem. Then they say you write one proposal. In the proposal we add (Global hospital, RNT college and Educate for life, RBKS). Neha write proposal with all detail. Many time we add more Idea and many time changing at last proposal make very good. Global hospital Head ( Dr. Pratap), Global hospital administrative person, RNT medical college, Huanr Ghar founder and I or every person who see impress Health proposal.

(B) Health survey :- After the proposal RNT medical college send his residential Team with 4 Doctor, 4 residential Docter, 4 Huanr Ghar voluntary worker, 4 Hunar Ghar staff ( Include Deepak, Gopal, Neha) Did survey. After Survey Doctor make survey report. This report highlight all problem of Bakhel, what need, what not going on proper.

(C) Health training :- finding survey data we discuss Global hospital Bakhel village problem. They give suggestion you keep one health training then we start moblie clinic survices. Neha and I together make planning of Health training. ( In the training we involed RNT medical doctor, Global hospital doctor) Gopal search all hemlet very interesting people. Our training on seasonal diseases (Rain weather), Prenatel and post natel care of pregnant woman, Government services, Tabooko and alcohal effective, little part of Immunization and Family planning. We also involed CHC person.

(D) Mobile clinic :- on the 1 July 2012 fast time moblie clinic came. It is very intersting before moblile clinic we give information all community people. 103 paitens came for check up and 97 paintens received medicine. Global hospital doctor say normaly when we go only 25 people come. We also take contribute 10 rupees community people and happyly people give. After Neha is ask about mobile clinic medicine, community people say it is very useful for our health. We also find 6 TB patiants, or 9 patiants of eye related problem. Next we are thinking eys camp at Hunar Ghar.

Other grate work Done by Neha

  • Think about sustainability ( transfer her responsbilities slow slow vishnu priya)
  • Create awernees about health ( as an example when Doctor is came they are not bathing in river Neha told all childern Doctor is not bathing because water is Dirty and you can find Itching disease. So you not bath in drity water.
  • Great planner and initiatives maker ( as an example when Neha make any plan that time she think all process behind plan I am giving an example Heath training she fast choose topic, what has objective, How to can make activities related video, games, song, poem, be carryful make interesting, review and action plan, fellow( implementations ), what problem can come, how we need slove.

What we are thinking for sustainability for Neha works

This year our one teacher Vishnu priya madem did work with Neha. She make very good strong relation in community her abilities is very good. I am thinking we shall give enough support to vishnu priay for sustain our project. We need give this support.

  • long term Planning :- we are think we shall make long term planning for Vishnu priya and we shall also add one more female teacher Pusha madem. We will time to time help and she can do work continue and our project will go continue.
  • Support of Akshay, Edward, Deepak and Gopal :- Hunar Ghar all person will help vishnu priya medam. Akshay, Edward, Deepak and Gopal will help, try to slove his problem.
  • continue meeting with woman :- After Neha went vishnu priya madem will take continue meeting.
  • slove problem of vishnu priya:- when vishnu priya find any problem that time we will try slove her problem as soon as we can do.
  • Attended meeting when she is filling problem :- when vishnu priya not at Hunar Ghar I or Gopal will take meeting.
  • out side organization help :- I am thinking we shall take out side organization help for woman exposure and how to slove problem.. Special Ashtha because it is near and easly find help.
  • exposure and training :- I am thinking time to time we shall send our teacher exposure and training.( vishnu priya and Pushpa) we also send our group out side visit for better understanding.
  • give support of resources :- we shall make one resources books for Vishnu priya madem. Now this work is doing Neha. So vishnu priya medam can use.
  • This book is related to building capacity through a bank of games. , Discussion point., Stories , role play idea, advice for differnet problem, health related topic

Neha good things :-

good use of time :- Neha use very good time. She always use time with work so Neha is able to do lot of work in one Year. She did work of learn language. She did very excellent work of Health, make health group, make SHG group, make good relationship, write excellent blog. It is very Excellent for us letter we can keep one example if you want you can do lot of work in short time.

 Always try to learn :- Neha always try learn. This learning make very perfect person for make good work, making good reation, use new inatitives.

• Good sharing skills maker :- fellow share has skills like make tippy tap, bottle light In the future can make very good project for community.

Neha and I find future project for Bakhel village

Future projects :-

Health topic

  • pre natal and post netal care
  • safe delivery
  • government services for health
  • latrine projct
  • Bathroom project
  • Youth group project

Neha learning topic

  • Community culture
  • community agriculture work
  • woman and men differenc
  • community Animals
  • community house
  • Different between village and city
  • Caste system
  • Different schedule tribe cast ( Bakhel village and ) General people.
  • Learn local food and fruits trees.




Read All About It…(In Asian Voice)

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Last month I posted about a Valentines Dinner and Dance that was held on behalf of Educate of Life. As mentioned, the event was a tremendous success in augmenting our financial statements! Besides from this, there have been numerous other valuable outcomes for us. In particular, the support of those who attended the event has been very encouraging to say the least.

In his presentation, Ash highlighted that a fundamental way to help us other than financially is to spread the Educate for Life word, and bear us in mind when relevant opportunities arise. And this is exactly what Rajan Amin did. Through a contact of his, we were able to publish an article in Asian Voice magazine within two weeks after the event.

This is an apt example of how events such as the dinner and dance serve as a fundamental platform for us to network and reach out to a broader audience. To be featured in Asian Voice magazine is in itself a grand achievement considering the reach the magazine has with the thousands of UK subscribers the weekly magazine is circulated to (in addition to those in Asia and the US). It signifies another small step for Educate for Life in raising awareness amongst the British Asian community and bringing to light the fantastic work carried out at Hunar Ghar.

The article can be found at the following link: