Honorary Life Patron

Ed Forrest of Hunar Ghar - Amazing Indians "Indian at Heart Award" Nominee

Ed has stepped down from his role as CEO of Educate for Life and we are delighted that he is now serving as an honorary life patron.

Since the inception of Hunar Ghar over a decade ago, Ed has dedicated most of his time and energy to ensuring its success. Ed has been committed to serving and improving the life chances of the children and community of Bakhel since his first meeting with the community in 2006. This has included living in the community for three years and spending considerable amounts of time in India on a regular basis thereafter. As an organisation, Educate for Life has enormous gratitude for all that Ed has set up and achieved at Hunar Ghar. Many people dream of making a difference, Ed has actually succeeded in doing so, and has enabled others to make a difference too. He has been an outstanding leader and source of inspiration to all involved in Hunar Ghar, whether as a team member, volunteer, supporter or well wisher.

Ed has decided to take some time off from Educate for Life, to get some well deserved rest. He would like to explore how he can apply what he has learned from his experiences in Bakhel to social justice causes in his home community in Somerset.

Ed has always believed that Educate for Life is about enabling people to come together and achieve more as a result of co-working. By stepping down as CEO, he hopes to ensure a more sustainable future for Hunar Ghar. Educate for Life, in partnership with Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti, our local implementation partner, will continue to serve the Bakhel community, ensuring ongoing provision of integrated education, healthcare and community development services.

As we embark on this new chapter in Hunar Ghar’s story, Educate for Life is delighted to recognise Ed’s contribution to Hunar Ghar by making him a honorary life patron.