Annual Health Screening – Round 2

By December 26, 2017child initiative, Health
Annual health screening - round 2

The annual health check-up is done for all the children at Hunar Ghar to ensure general health and adequate nutrition. In the first round of the check-up held on December 8th and 9th, some 70 children had missed the health consultation. A second round was facilitated by the health team to ensure that maximum number of students undergo the screening.

On 22nd December a three-doctor team from Geetanjali hospital came to Hunar Ghar to complete health screening for remaining 70 children. The health check-up was planned during the half-yearly exams to take advantage of the high attendance of students.

Doctors examined 34 children from school and 8 children/infants from community. 8 children were identified from community under safe motherhood program, who are in need for doctor’s consultation. From 8 children one child was referred for further checks. None of the children from school required referral.

With the second round done, we have now completed health screening for 461 pupils at Hunar Ghar. With limited access to reliable healthcare in the Bakhel, such check-ups play an important part in ensuring good health for the children in the community. The local community also benefits from the health care services provided at and through the school.