Social Emotional Learning workshop with Apni Shala

By November 2, 2017India, Teacher Training
Teachers seen here playing a game

Hunar Ghar emphasizes on giving the best tools to the teachers that can empower them to make a child learn effectively and creatively. A wholesome education is the one which gives children life skills, a problem solving ability and a balanced temperament apart from just progressing on the prescribed curriculum.

Apni Shala, an organization working towards improving Social Emotional Learning(SEL) in children, conducted a two-day workshop with teachers at Hunar Ghar. The aim was to enable teachers to impart three sets of basic life skills to children – Self-management skills, Interpersonal skills and Cognitive skills. Amrita and Mayuri, facilitators from Apni Shala engaged with 18 teachers at Hunar Ghar  spending over 12 hours for this workshop.

One of Hunar Ghar’s teachers, Bhuvanesh shares his experience “I enjoyed the two day workshop with Apni Shala. There are some children who are introvert and others who are extrovert, I learnt how to involve the entire class and boost the confidence of a child if he feels insecure. I learnt games on gauging mental ability and games to boost physical activity in class. A very interesting part was when I was told to design a lesson plan on how to resolve a fight between two kids in my class; it was different from the usual lesson planning I do according to curriculum. It made me think how each little experience in class shapes a child. I am looking forward to use the learning that Apni Shala team has shared in my class”

Children learning how to work in teams

The children were also introduced to fun games, stories and drama as a tool of learning. Working together in the games, children learn to draw parallels between the learning in a game and a crisis in their personal or social life. Such avenues open up children emotionally and enable them to understand themselves, their aspirations, their qualities in a better way.