First session of Bal Sansad – The Children’s Parliament

By September 25, 2017child initiative
Bal sansad - Children's Parliament at School

Our newly formed Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad – Children’s Parliament convened its first meeting discussing roles and responsibilities of each member and setting up prospects. The platform gives children the opportunity to voice their opinions and become key decision makers for the school as well as the local community.

Rahul Dubey, our Rural Changemaker who is instrumental in initiating the activity shares his thoughts and expectations…

On September 12th, we had our first Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad meeting. The best part of the meeting was that all Bal Sansad members attended the meeting and they were really excited to move forward and take on some initiatives in real for development of Hunar Ghar.

This was the first regular Bal Sansad meeting for this year and the major objective of conducting this meeting was to encourage active participation among all members, to distribute the roles and responsibilities, to clear the mission and vision of Bal Sansad, expectations from them and how they can take on few steps forward to understand the meaning of Bal Sansad in real.

There are currently 18 members in this body now and we have 7 representatives from different areas as leaders. For the next 15 days, Bal Sansad leaders will work with other members in their respective areas to find out what is happening well at Hunar Ghar and what needs to be improved along with developing a small action plan to work on the same along with teachers, School Management Committee and other students of the school.

One of my major findings from the meeting today was that, all our Bal Sansad members are very active. They have the energy and the potential to bring a positive difference to their local community by spreading awareness and increasing engagement with the school.

The process and approach of the Children’s Parliament is to enable children by supporting them to understand their rights, giving them a platform to give their opinions and influence decisions that affect them. Students elected as delegates are expected to participate in the sessions, complete assigned work before meetings, solicit input and suggestions from fellow students and help to develop and organize activities within their school.