Children’s Parliament at Hunar Ghar

By September 11, 2017India

Children’s rights are at the very heart of everything that happens at Hunar Ghar.  Rahul Dubey, our Rural Changemaker, is further championing their rights and strengthening their ability to make themselves heard by working with students to help them to set up a Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad or Children’s Parliament. Here Rahul explains the purpose of the initiative and how it will empower children at Hunar Ghar…

Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad (Children’s Parliament) will be formulated in the school and it will play an important role in shaping the school and the whole Panchayat (the area where the school is situated).


  • To bring every child together at one platform to create an open and safe space
  • To strengthen their voice and leadership among Hunar Ghar students at school
  • To put emphasis on issues which affect children directly
  • To promote the right of participation of every child at Hunar Ghar

Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad will:

  • Encourage the right to participate  of every child in the school and the community
  • Focus on engaging real Panchayat (community council) to its mission and vision
  • Have some of the teachers and staff members as their advisory members who can direct and guide them whenever needed
  • Develop its own action plan which lists down the activities and tasks needed to be done to achieve their goals and objectives
  • Develop their own constitution and guidelines
  • Meet once a month to review, discuss progress, challenges and achievements
  • Focus on some critical social issues and challenges such as child labour, child marriage, enrolling dropout kids to back to the school, focusing especially on girl education
  • Focus on making the school and community space inclusive and where no one is left behind and every child gets quality education
  • Have their own register to maintain all data, records and information

Following are the members of the Hunar Ghar Bal Sansad:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Education Minister
  • Cultural Minister
  • Sports Minister
  • Environment, Health and Cleanliness Minister
  • Food Minister

What is the Bal Panchayat?

  • It is not a political body but an innovative idea of the organisation to acquaint everyone with the power of the little voices
  • It is a body of children that work for child development and is set up ‘by the children’, ‘for the children’ and consists ‘of the children’
  • Members of Bal Sansad are aged between 10-17 years
  • The students of the school elect the President and other members of the Sansad.
  • It provides an effective structure for the children to initiate positive change in their communities before they attain the right to vote by the constitution of India.