Gold Medal for Hunar Ghar

By September 1, 2017Education, India

Over the past fortnight, Hunar Ghar has undergone its second school self-review facilitated by our partner Adhyayan. The process helps us to improve the quality of education at Hunar Ghar and provides our team with invaluable feedback. Following the review, Hunar Ghar has been awarded a State Gold Medal – a fantastic achievement which reflects the hard work and dedication of our team. Vice Principal Ajeet Sangia shares some details of the review process…

On 22 August, the Adhyayan Review process started with a training day led by Adhyayan for all members of the review team. The school leadership team, teachers, school support staff, students and community members were all involved in the review.

The review took several days and focused on six key performance areas:

  • Leadership and management
  • Teaching and learning
  • The child
  • The curriculum
  • Community and partnership
  • Infrastructure and resources

There were different methods of observation used to conduct the review of performance in these areas. These included learning walks, class observations, discussions and looking at books and looking at school records.

The internal school self review team came together after making their observations to discuss and put together evidence for the grading of the school.

On 28 August, an external review by Adhyayan assessors took place. The external assessors looked at the same performance areas and compared their findings to those of the team.

On 29 August, Adhyayan awarded the state gold medal to Hunar Ghar. The whole team is very happy. However, the team also wants to know how it can keep improving for the benefit of the children that come to Hunar Ghar! They are making plans to bring new skills to the school community.