Hunar Ghar: A school that’s worth the walk

By August 25, 2017Education, India

Raju currently studies in Class 7 at Hunar Ghar and is an inspiring student for everyone. He belongs to the Kharda village of Mandwa Panchayat which is around 7 kilometres from Hunar Ghar.  Raju is so motivated to attend Hunar Ghar that the long walk doesn’t phase him. Raju always wanted to be a part of a good school and really likes studying. He used to study at a government school in Mandwa…

“I attended only one day at the government school in Mandwa and did not do anything. I did not like the place and it doesn’t feel me like a space for teaching and learning. I wanted something else, an open space for child to dream and explore.’’

One of the village members informed him about Hunar Ghar school and suggested he contact there for his further studies. He immediately got in touch and visited the school. He was amazed to see the structure and beauty of the school with such a lovely environment for all children. He decided to be a part of this school and took admission in Class 5. He has been a regular student since then.

Raju really believes that Hunar Ghar is the only school where students are not beaten and where there is a focus on each child’s individual learning. He says that Hunar Ghar emphasises and gives everything which is required for the overall development of a child. The school provides safe drinking water and clean toilet facilities for everyone. Raju is really happy to be a part of the school and would like to graduate from Hunar Ghar with wonderful memories and experience to pursue his higher studies.

One major thing which makes Raju’s story very interesting, special and inspiring for everyone is that he is the only student who comes from so far away and he comes to school everyday by walking. It means, he walks a total of around 14 kilometres everyday to the school. Then also amazes everyone with his full attendance which clearly shows that distance does not matter, but passion and motivation does.

Raju says: “The vision and mission which Hunar Ghar has towards education and for child development encourages me to come from that far by walking. I love coming to the school and really don’t find distance a problem. I have been doing this for three years and will continue doing this. I am also motivating other children and spreading the word about Hunar Ghar in my local community.

“I love all my teachers, studying science subject and having lunch with all my friends in the school. I love that teachers are so polite, never get angry and beat their students which one will find in other schools.”

He is really attracted towards all extra co-curricular activities of Hunar Ghar which includes different games and sports and learning experiences in the community. He also likes how the school is focusing on health and hygiene and providing all students with the mid day meal. As a whole, he loves the quality of teaching and the overall child-centric environment of the school. He dreams to become a Science teacher in future.

In the end he says: “One more thing, I like about Hunar Ghar apart from everything I have mentioned, is the infrastructure, especially the round shaped classrooms. It is really beautiful and makes Hunar Ghar very different, simple and unique at the same time. And yes, I will walk this much distance everyday because I love Hunar Ghar and I feel Hunar Ghar.’’

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