Hunar Ghar June Orientation 2017

A June Orientation was organised for the teaching and non-teaching staff of Hunar Ghar between the 19th and 29th of June in Udaipur. The dates for the Orientation are just ahead of the new academic year that begins with an enrolment period at Hunar Ghar at the start of July. It is a nice opportunity to have everyone from Hunar Ghar in one place for 10 days and through different sessions discuss (a) the new initiatives in the school in the coming year, (b) new concepts and (c)  ideas from everyone on making improvements. Here our new Chief Operating Officer, Sanjiv Ray, shares an overview of the sessions that took place…

Some new staff joined the orientation including myself, two new school coordinators (for our Balwadi and Primary classes) and one new teacher. Our new Principal elect also joined the orientation for a day as part of our recruitment process. It was a good opportunity for the newcomers to meet with members of the existing team and get to know them personally. In terms of timing, this was perfect and will allow all new staff to relate better with their colleagues when they start at school in the new academic year.

The sessions were facilitated by members of the Hunar Ghar team as well as staff from two of our partner organisations namely Kshamtalaya and Apni Shala.

The important sessions that took place at the June Orientation 2017 were as below:

Hunar Ghar Team

  • What does your dream Hunar Ghar look like – Ed
  • Leadership – Sanjiv
  • Health at HG and Community Health – Shobhag and Vishnupriya
  • Action Planning – Imrana and Khyali
  • Demonstration on Action Planning – Bhawana P and Bhawana S
  • Balwadi and Primary Teachers’ roles – Kan Singh and Hemraj (new Coordinators)
  • SWOT analysis concept and techniques – Kailash

Partner organizations

  • Gender Awareness – Kshamtalaya
  • Experimentation and Curiosity in class – Kshamtalaya
  • Visioning – Kshamtalaya
  • Step up and Step back – Apni Shala
  • Social and Emotional Learning – Apni Shala
  • Social and Emotional skills – Apni Shala
  • Assumptions – Apni Shala

Everyone participated with a lot of enthusiasm in the sessions and for the new staff it was a particularly good opportunity to learn about the institution and the emphasis we put on the capacity building and mentoring of teaching staff. It is only when their awareness increases and capacity is built that they will be able to provide the right learning environment for students.

While the colleagues from Kshamtalaya and Apni Shala are used to facilitating sessions, it was very encouraging to see Hunar Ghar team members – including some who have just started – facilitating sessions deftly. Lots of new ideas emerged and will be developed and integrated into our best practice over the course of the new academic year.

During my session on leadership, I talked about the very concept of leadership, the qualities of good leaders, various leadership styles and tools available to leaders. I also touched upon emotional intelligence and the need for it in successful leaders. The basic idea behind the session was to get an agreement within the group that leadership is not necessarily a “top down” concept and does need to exist at all levels within any organisation / institution. I’ll be following this up with one-on-one and group meetings at the school and coaching and mentoring at individual and group levels.

We have all come away refreshed and excited about what the year ahead holds. We are confident that we can work together and support one another to make sure that the learning experience we offer at Hunar Ghar is second to none.