Health and Community Team attends workshop on maternal and newborn care

By July 3, 2017Health, India

We constantly strive to offer opportunities for learning and development for our team. Most of our team members come from rural or semi-urban areas of Rajasthan. While they bring with them invaluable insights into the needs of  the local community, these learning opportunities offer them exposure to best practices implemented in other organisations and new developments that continue to take place in their area of work. Our Health and Community team at Hunar Ghar recently participated in a state level workshop on maternal and newborn care…

The Health and Community team at Hunar Ghar comprising of Kanku Bai, our community health worker, Shobhag Meena, Child Health at Hunar Ghar coordinator and Vishnu Priya, Safe Motherhood Programme coordinator, attended a state level workshop on the theme of “Caring for Mothers and Their Newborns – Midwives’ Role”.  The workshop was organised by our partner, the J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre, in collaboration with Society of Midwives, India, on 25th June 2017. Over 100 doctors and Auxillary Nurse Midwives from Public Health Centres and Community Health Centres across Rajasthan attended the workshop.

It was a continuing education workshop aimed at updating and strengthening the basic skills of midwives and emphasised the importance of basic midwifery care in the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity.

The workshop focussed on the role of associations of midwives like the Society of Midwives in India, recent trends in midwifery, both in India and globally and ground realities of maternal and newborn care. There were also sessions on labour monitoring through partograph, conducting child delivery, active management of third stage of labour, newborn resuscitation and baby skin care.

Our team also got an opportunity to share their experiences at the workshop. Our Safe Motherhood Programme coordinator, Vishnu Priya says, “We got an opportunity to talk about the challenges we face in a remote village like Bakhel. We explained in detail about the work that we do under our Safe Motherhood and Safe Childhood Programmes. I talked about the logistical challenges that we face in making quality healthcare and safe delivery services accessible for women in Bakhel. I talked about an instance where I and Kanku Bai had to help with delivery for a woman while we were on our way to the hospital. Shobhag also talked about his work on monitoring and taking care of health and hygiene of children at Hunar Ghar school. The other participants immensely appreciated our work. It was both an informative and encouraging experience for us.”

One of the key factors that makes these learning and development programmes and our overall work effective is successful and long-standing partnerships with organisations like J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre, which provides our mobile clinic service. Not only do our partners offer immense support towards enabling our work and vision but they provide platforms like this workshop where our teams can benefit from mutual knowledge and information sharing.