India Chief Operations Officer joins

By June 27, 2017Administration

We are developing and growing our team in India.  Sanjiv Ray joined us earlier this month as our new Chief Operations Officer (COO). He will be working closely with our team, providing leadership and support as Hunar Ghar becomes one of India’s most inspiring schools, proving that excellence in education is possible in a resource poor rural area. 

Our new COO Sanjiv comes with a rich and diverse experience. He has worked with various international non-profit organizations like DFID, Oxfam, Welthungerhilfe, International Commission on Missing Persons, Centre for People and Forests, in the last 15 years.  In these organisations, he managed the Corporate Services function (Finance, HR, Administration, Legal, IT, Procurement, General Services, M&E) in South East Asia, South Asia and Europe. Prior to his stint with non-profit organisations, Sanjiv worked in the private sector in India and the Middle East in organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Tata Group and Bahwan Group (in Oman).

What attracted him to Hunar Ghar was the fact that he could personally connect with the work done to provide high quality education to children from a remote Adivasi community. In his own words, “I connected because I grew up in a tribal area myself and it is my education (schooling and College at Jesuit institutions alongside my friends from the tribal community) that has created opportunities for me that I got later in my life.”

He considers his role to be that of a facilitator who can build leadership in an extremely dedicated team at Hunar Ghar. He feels confident that as a team, they will be able to overcome any challenges they might encounter towards turning Hunar Ghar into an inspiration centre with a great reputation. He adds that in the process he will be able to learn valuable lessons about education at the grassroots level himself.

He further adds, “I will be very happy if I am able to contribute in my small way to build a team at Hunar Ghar that is capable of functioning with very high standards and under minimum supervision and in the process set a good example for others to follow”.

Sanjiv will play a pivotal role in creating and implementing a long-term sustainable strategy for Hunar Ghar, involving all members of the team in the process.