Drawing without pencils

Creative fun is an integral part of Balwadi at Hunar Ghar. In line with our Balwadi Social Vision, we strive to build an environment in our classrooms where our youngest students can explore their creativity and become active learners through simple, yet fun-filled activities. In this blog, our Balwadi lead Pankaj shares the details of one such activity being conducted inside a Balwadi classroom.

We are working to build a better Balwadi for all our young learners at Hunar Ghar School. Our vision is to help all children who started school this year, feel familiar and comfortable at Hunar Ghar. Our team is working hard to make our classes more engaging and fun.  In this blog, I am sharing the details of a day in the class of Pushpaji, one of our Balwadi teachers.

After the morning assembly and breakfast, when children got to their Balwadi class, Pushpaji divided the class into small groups and distributed blank white papers to them. She then asked them to draw something. The children remained seated for a while thinking about the task and then some of them asked, “ma’am what to draw?”

Pushpaji replied- “Draw whatever you like!”

Children said – “But, we don’t even have pencils.”

She replied – “Don’t worry about the pencils, draw with whatever you have.”

When she saw children draw a blank she added gently, “why not use your fingers!”

Her response was akin to lighting a bulb in the minds of the children. Everyone started making something in their small groups. Few of the students went outside in search of some tools for drawing.  In a few minutes, the class started drawing with fingers, woodchips, waste papers and what not! The atmosphere was transformed with lots of whisperings, happiness, and great excitement amongst the children that they were doing something colourful and creative with their hands.

Then Pushpaji arranged for double-sided tapes for the children to paste their artworks on walls. This in itself became an extremely enjoyable activity for the children.

Their excitement on looking at their own drawings up on their classroom walls was palpable and it was wonderful to witness it. The empty white-coloured walls soon got filled with colourful drawings borne out of imagination from little eager minds.

Drawing is a great tool for self-expression. A teacher can help children cherish and nurture their own imagination through their own creativity. The freedom of creating something the way they want, not only helps the children open their minds but also feel comfortable in the school environment. We understand their apprehensions regarding an entirely new environment in the form of the school and focus on helping them feel safe and secure.

Our efforts are to help each and every child become an active learner in their own journey of life. In their drawings, we could see their inner quest of making sense of the world around them and creating their own stories.