Hunar Ghar School Sports Day

Khyali Vyas our School Administrative Manager shares when the cheering and shouting was loudest during our recent Hunar Ghar School Sports Day. There were so many participants and games that the event actually ran over two days!

We held a two day sports day from 13 to 14 January at Hunar Ghar. Hundreds of students from six different schools took part in addition to our own pupils. It was a pleasure to welcome our guests from different schools and villages. Some travelled for over an hour to reach us.  They all were very happy to see our school structure and a classroom with our ideal learning resources. Our amazing kitchen team prepared and served a healthy lunch for everyone.  Large numbers of community members from different hamlets and villages were there to support their teams. The way they all were cheering and shouting for their teams was an unbelievable moment to capture. They all were very happy

In the event we included kabaddi, kho kho, archery, long jump, high jump, chair race, 100 metre race, 200 metre race, and a relay race for girls and boys.

In almost every game shouting and cheering was loudest but especially in kabaddi shouting and cheering was at par. The way all the children and community members were cheering for their team was a memorable moment.

In the final match of kho-kho, our girls got first prize and the last moment when we got it that was a great moment of excitement and happiness.  All teammates were celebrating the victory by lifting the best player on their arms – it will be remembered for long time.

Here’s what some of the children* thought about the event:

Class 8 student of Hunar Ghar, Anju, said: “I enjoyed a lot in almost every game but relay race was awesome and it’s good to see students of different schools and staff giving an active participation in our sports day event.”

Abhay, from Class 5 at Hunar Ghar, said: “I was really enjoying the way our Hunar Ghar kabaddi team playing the attacking game.”

Shyam, from Shah Satnam ji School Kotra, said: “I liked archery and kabaddi. It was a great experience for me to participate here at Hunar Ghar.

Bharat, from Upper Primary School Mandwa, said: “I liked kabaddi game unfortunately we lost final but thank you so much Hunar Ghar for hosting that kind of event and for serving tasty and healthy breakfast and lunch. I will never forget these memories.’’

Our school co-ordinator and teacher, Gopal Joshi, said: “All the participants were full of excitement. Thank you to all the community members for their support that made this event successful.’’

Madhu lal ji, a teacher from Mandwa Upper Primary School, said: “The event was great. I fully enjoyed it.  It’s fantastic and awesome.  Thanks Hunar Ghar and supportive staff members. Thank you kitchen staff. Thank you all.’’

Educate for Life co-founder and CEO, Ed Forrest, believes in the importance of using sports to build relationships and sees the event as an important step towards connecting with other schools and communities:

“We see each of our guests as potential advocates for Hunar Ghar. They will go back to their friends and family and share about their day. Through them, we can raise other people’s expectations in the region of what a good school looks like, and the kind of environment their children could be learning in. In this way, we can educate other rural communities about their rights to a good education.

“All our guests had tours of Hunar Ghar and found out about our approach to learning – our Child Learning Demonstration Days and our Community Learning Mornings (CLM) for example. We plan to invite children and their teachers back again to participate in other events and will invite them to come on a CLM and other trips with us. We want to enable children to learn together, enjoy together, and build relationships that bridge communities and cultures. Our sports event is but one moment in a process of Hunar Ghar being a space that is an example of good education and which inspires people to want and implement better education, and create unbordered learning, sharing communities.

“We have a saying ‘Hunar Ghar Apna Ghar Hai’ – Hunar Ghar is our home. We have told all these children they are welcome again any time.”

*Children’s names have been changed.


  • Noorzaman Rashid says:

    Well done this is a fabulous event!
    Noorzaman Rashid

  • Jai Singh Jat says:

    This is a nice way to build good relationship between the children and teachers. They can share their skills and knowledge. Sports are helpful to develop unity and discipline among the children. We are giving a lot of thank you to Hunar Ghar Team. Workers of educate for life are doing a ideal work for other societies.